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'I play on the backfoot when it comes to acting': Sudesh Berry said- 'I have never had a shortage of work but people ask why you did not become a superstar'

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TV actor Sudesh Berry is currently seen in the TV show 'Vanshaj'. In this show, he is playing the role of Amarjeet Talwar who is an old friend of Puneet Issar (Bhanupratap Mahajan) who is playing the lead role. A special conversation was held with him about the show and his comeback…

What is your role in the show 'Descendants'?
Amar is the chairman of Talwar Group. He is very fit and is known for his friendly personality. He enjoys the finer things in life. He loves partying and the company of women. My character Amar has a child-like quality to him. He is always curious and restless. He plays pranks. He even shares stories of his girlfriends with his nephew and son. He loves his family a lot. He is a little harsh in his decisions.

One of your shows 'Suraag The Clue' was very popular in 1999. Was there ever a discussion with the makers about its part 2?
There might be a part 2 of 'Suraag'. There is a channel Dhamaal, it belongs to Gautam Adhikari. This show is still running on it pan India. I still get messages from him that your show is very good. As for me, I play on the backfoot in my life just like Sunil Gavaskar used to play in cricket. Similarly, I also play on the backfoot in terms of acting. Often people ask me why I did not become a superstar. I just say that I do not want to do acting like a business.

You are such an old artist, why have you limited yourself to TV roles?
I will answer this in just one line that we are still in the battlefield. I have ducked the ball of life for now. Even today people remember the character Loha Singh played by me in 'Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Na Kijo'. Sudesh Berry has never lacked work. I have only ducked, I have not been out. If Mahadev wishes, Sudesh can once again be seen in the role of a hero. Recently I have done a small film. I posted a video from its shoot on social media. You won't believe it, I got three million views in just 4-5 days and am still getting it. Now it is clear from this that I have fans who want to see me as a hero in the lead role.

You have worked a lot with Sunny Deol, now 'Border 2' is releasing, has there been any discussion about coming together again?
I have done 4-5 films with Sunny. However, there has been no discussion about working with him again. As you are saying, 'Border 2' is coming. I have also come to know about it but there has been no discussion about any new kind of role or a new film with JP Dutta.

Any offers coming from the web space. What would you like to explore next?
Yes, there are definitely offers but it is not possible to disclose them because nothing is confirmed. Talks are going on. An announcement will be made soon.

What changes do you find in TV content in the era of web?
I always repeat the same thing that whatever the makers make, it should come in the category of healthy entertainment. Something that people can watch with their family. No one should be ashamed of that content. Every script should be full of pure entertainment along with a big message. Apart from that, I would like to say only one thing to my fans that they should pray for me that my comeback, my second innings should be successful. The gap that has come in my career and life should be filled.

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