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'I kept crying in front of Shahrukh Khan for an hour': Farah Khan said- wanted to conceive during the shooting of 'Om Shanti Om'

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Choreographer-director Farah Khan worked with Shahrukh Khan in 'Om Shanti Om' in 2007. Recently, during an interview, Farah talked about the problems she faced during pregnancy.

Farah Khan wanted to conceive during the shooting of 'Om Shanti Om'
Farah Khan gave birth to three children through IVF in 2008. He said Shahrukh Khan was the first person outside the family who came to know that Farah was expecting triplets. Farah told that when she became pregnant, she was shooting for 'Om Shanti Om' with Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh used to make him feel comfortable on the sets. Farah Khan's clinic was more than an hour away from the set. Since Farah chose IVF after the age of 40, she faced many failures in the beginning. During that time she used to cry on the set.

I lost courage many times- Farah Khan
When Farah went to the doctor for the first time, she was sure she was pregnant. But her belief proved wrong and she got her periods right there. Farah said- As soon as I got my periods, I became disappointed. I kept crying all the way till the shooting. One day, in between, I got a call from the doctor, and he said that this time too we were not successful. I remember, I was shooting a comedy scene in the film. After the call, Shahrukh Khan knew that something was wrong, because I was about to cry. So Shahrukh asked the entire crew to take a break and he took me to his van. I kept crying in front of him for an hour.

Shahrukh Khan supported Farah a lot
Farah said that Shahrukh was the first person after her mother to know that she was pregnant. I told Shahrukh- I have to tell you something. He looked at me and said- Are you pregnant? Actually, during the shooting, we still had to finish the song 'Darde-e-Disco'. So, every time he took off his shirt, I would vomit. He kept a bucket next to me. he is so sweet. He had ordered a lazy sofa instead of the director's chair. So I can lay down with a mic and yell at people.

'Om Shanti Om' was a blockbuster
Deepika Padukone started her Bollywood career with the film 'Om Shanti Om'. People liked the pairing of Deepika and Shahrukh in this film. The film also had a great collection at the box office.

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