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Hyderabad in the play-offs; Match against Gujarat canceled due to rain

Hyderabad; News Agency: Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Gujarat Titans match had to be canceled due to rain. As the match was not decided, both teams were awarded one point each. This single point was enough for Sunrisers Hyderabad to reach the play-offs. They have moved up to the third position with 15 points and have one more match to play. After tomorrow's match between Chennai and RCB, the fourth place in the play-offs will be confirmed.

The rain had been running in Hyderabad since Thursday morning but, as the rain relented for a while, the toss was announced at 8 o'clock, but as soon as the covers started to be removed, the rain re-entered and did not stop. The match could not be played due to continuous rain. So this match had to be cancelled. This is the second consecutive match of Gujarat that has to be canceled due to rain.

Before this match, Hyderabad were fourth with 14 points after 7 wins from 12 matches. They had a chance to claim Qualifier 1 with 18 points by winning the remaining two matches, but today's clash was canceled leaving them and Gujarat Titans with 1 point each. Hence, Hyderabad have qualified for the play-offs with 15 points. Hyderabad's last match is against Punjab. If Hyderabad win that match and Rajasthan lose their last match against Kolkata, Hyderabad will finish second and get a chance to play in Qualifier 1.

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Delhi Capitals' remaining hopes have been dashed with the cancellation of the Hyderabad-Gujarat match, while Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans have also been thrown out of the competition. Mumbai Indians and Punjab Kings are already out of the tournament. So after the match between Chennai and RCB, the fourth place in the play-offs will be confirmed.

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