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Hina Khan has marks on her body after chemotherapy: The actress shared a photo and wrote – There are no marks on my face, there is hope in my eyes

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TV actress Hina Khan is battling breast cancer these days. Hina is in the third stage of breast cancer at the age of 36. Hina has shared some pictures on her Instagram. In the pictures, burn marks are visible on some parts of her body. These marks appear on the body after chemotherapy. Let us tell you, Hina is undergoing treatment at Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai.

While sharing the post, she wrote- What do you see in these pictures? The scars on my face? Or the sparkle or hope in my eyes. These are my scars and I love them. They indicate to me that I am moving towards my recovery, which I deserve. The hope in my eyes is the reflection of my soul. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am thinking about my recovery. Also praying for you.

Picture of Hina Khan after chemotherapy.

Picture of Hina Khan after chemotherapy.

The actress shared the video of hair cutting

Hina shared a video on social media yesterday i.e. on Friday. At the beginning of the video, Hina's mother is crying. She is not happy with her daughter's haircut. Hina is explaining to her mother that these are just hair, after cutting, new ones will grow again. Hina's boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal's voice is also heard from the background, who is requesting her mother not to cry. Hina herself takes scissors and cuts her hair while smiling.

A long note was also shared along with the video

After getting a haircut, Hina said that she is feeling very good and free. The actress likes her new look. At the end of the video, Hina's mother kisses her cheek.

While sharing this video, the actress also shared a long note. She wrote, 'You can hear my mother crying. While she was praying for me, she was preparing herself to see something that she had never imagined. Not all of us have the same strength to handle this heartbreaking moment.'

Hina further wrote, 'For all the beautiful people out there, especially the women who are fighting this battle with me, I know it is difficult. I know that for us hair is like a crown, which we never take off. But I have chosen to overcome the difficulties.'

Hina told how despite knowing about cancer, she attended the award night and attended her first chemotherapy session a day after that…. read this also

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