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Her husband's neck was cut by his nephew in front of his eyes! Wife dies of heart attack leader

Leaders Online Desk: A heartbreaking incident has taken place in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. This case is related to husband and wife. In fact, after witnessing the gruesome murder of her 59-year-old husband, the 56-year-old wife died of a heart attack late on Sunday night.

The names of the deceased husband and wife are Murtirao Gokhale and Shobha Gokhale. According to Anantapur One Town Circle Inspector Reddeppa, the tragic incident took place in an apartment in LIC Colony opposite JNTU campus in Anantapur.

Murtirao Gokhale was a visiting professor at SK University. He has previously served as the Principal of Anant Lakshmi College of Engineering. According to the police, the name of the killer is Aditya and he is the nephew of deceased Murtirao Gokhale.

Aditya, who completed his Masters in Engineering, paid Gokhale to get a job in a reputed company. However, Gokhale failed to get his nephew a job. As a result, Aditya gets angry. He had a heated argument with his uncle Gokhale over this. Meanwhile, Professor Gokhale's wife Shobha tried to mediate. But in anger, Aditya cut his uncle's throat with a sharp weapon. He also stabbed many parts of the body. This time he also stabbed aunt Shobha. In this attack Prof. Gokhale died on the spot. Shobha died of a heart attack after some time.

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