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Has the claim of 'PF' been rejected? | leader

Jagdish Kale

Sometimes the authorities reject the PF claim without giving any cogent reason. As a result, account holders face financial difficulties. Of course, such complaints are often made to 'EPFO'.

PF money is useful for essential reasons like house construction, children's education, marriage ceremony, illness etc. In that case, if there are sufficient documents and reason, chances of rejection of PF are less. At the same time, it is important to know the rules while making a claim with PF, so that your claim is not rejected.

If you have applied for PF and are upset that it has been rejected, don't worry. 'EPFO' (Employees Provident Fund Organization) has issued guidelines last year to overcome such difficulties. Care has been taken to ensure that the account holders will not suffer.

What do the rules say?

As per 'EPFO' rules, no one's claim can be rejected for any reason. Also, any claim should be kept pending for no reason. If a claim is rejected again, the reason for rejection should be explained.

As per the EPFO ​​directives, if there are any deficiencies while claiming by any account holders, the authorities should inform them in time. So there will be no delay in filing the claim. If the claim is still rejected, verify all the claims and correct them. Accordingly, the claimant will be processed in time to receive the payment.

According to the guidelines, if there are any errors in the claim, they should be mentioned only once. PF account holders will not need to frequent the office. According to the PF department, each claim should be checked once and completed.

Complaints have come to 'EPFO' that officials are often rejecting claims without giving any reason. So members get into trouble. These things should be avoided.

As per the new directive, the field office should forward the canceled claim to the divisional office for review. At the same time, action should be taken to complete the claim process in time.

Online withdrawal facility

One has to go to the official website of 'EPFO'. Then click on Services option in the menu. Now click on For Employ. A new page will start. Here you have to select the option of Member UN / Online Service.

After this the login page will start. Enter the UAN and password here and login to the portal. Then click on Online Service. Select Claim (Form-31, 19 and 10C) from the drop down menu.

After selecting the claim a new page will start and you will have to verify your bank account. Certificate of Undertaking will be issued after account verification. We have to accept it. In the next step you have to click on the 'Proceed for Online Claim' option.

Now a new form will appear and here you have to select PF Advance (Form-31) from the dropdown in front of 'I want to apply for'. After that the reason for withdrawal has to be mentioned. You have to tell how much money you want. After this, once you tick the check box, the process will be completed and your application will be submitted.

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