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Get married early, saying that the bridegroom washed Bhatji leader

Lucknow : The bridegroom insisted that Bhatji perform the marriage ceremony early. Bhatji warned that he cannot rush. The bridegroom was enraged by this and washed Bhatji in the wedding hall itself. Bhatji's head has split in this.

Naturally, this has become a hot topic. Sonusinh Jatav, a resident of Meerut, is working as a police constable. After his marriage to a girl from Nigoha was fixed, Bhatji started the rituals at around 1 am. At this time the bridegroom asked to get married soon. However, an argument broke out between the two. Sonu first abused Bhatji Vivek Shukla and then beat him. This made Vivek bloody.

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