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Gaza Ceasefire: As soon as Israel said to stop the 'war', it turned its eyes on America! | leader

Leaders Online: The United Nations Security Council has passed a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire between Gaza and Israel. It also demanded the release of all the hostages taken during the October 7 attack on Israel. The US supports the ceasefire in Gaza. Israel has expressed strong displeasure over this decision of its friend America. Not only this, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also canceled the proposed US visit of two of his top advisers.

Israel reprimands America

In a statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “A few days ago, they (the US) supported a Security Council resolution that linked a call for a ceasefire with the release of hostages.” China and Russia vetoed that resolution in part because they opposed a ceasefire tied to the release of hostages. Yet today, Russia and China support Algeria and others precisely because there was no such connection. A ceasefire that does not depend on the release of hostages.” The Americans also said that Israel's US abstention from the vote was a “clear departure from the consistent US role in the Security Council since the beginning of the war.”

No change in policy towards Israel: US

Top White House official John Kirby said there has been no change in US policy towards Israel. We continue to support Israel today as before. We are providing military equipment and weapons to Israel so that Israel can defend itself. Because the Palestinian organization Hamas is still a threat to Israel, he said. A resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Israel has been passed. The proposal is not vetoed at this time, as it is very close to our policy as in previous proposals. In Jha, emphasis is placed on a hostage release agreement with a temporary ceasefire. “We vetoed previous resolutions because they did not condemn Hamas,” he added.


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