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Finland school shooting Finland shook! Elementary School Shooting, 3 Children Injured | leader

Leaders Online Desk: A shooting incident took place early Tuesday morning at a primary school in Vantaa, a suburb of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Three children have been injured in this incident. He has been admitted to the hospital. A suspect was later arrested in the case, the police said in a statement.

The incident took place at a school in Viertola. About 800 students study here from 1st to 9th standard. So this school has 90 employees. All those involved in the shooting are minors, police said. (Finland school shooting) The news about this has been given by Reuters.

Emergency services, along with armed police officers, have arrived at the scene, MTV Uutiset news channel reported.

“The danger is averted for now,” Viertola school principal Sari Lasila told Reuters. He has avoided talking more about the incident.

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