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Extramarital affair not a crime : Rajasthan High Court | leader

Leaders Online Desk: The Rajasthan High Court has given an important judgment regarding sexual relations. The court said that it is not a legal offense if physical relations are offered between two conscious couples with mutual consent. A bench of Justice Birendra Kumar said that when two adults have consensual sex outside of marriage. It has been clarified that it is not a legal offence.

The Rajasthan High Court has given this judgment while hearing the plea of ​​a man who accused him of abducting his wife. However, the woman concerned appeared in court herself and informed that she was not abducted. After this information, the concerned woman said that she was in a live-in relationship with one of the accused. Later during the hearing, the petitioner's counsel argued that the woman had confessed to having an extra-marital affair, hence it was said to be an offense under Sections 494 and 497 of the IPC.

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