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Emily Willis | adult film star Emily Willis comatose; Family Says, “Bad News May Be Coming” | leader

Leading Online Desk : Famous adult film star Emily Willis suffered a heart attack last month. Currently, Emily is in a coma and is currently on a ventilator. Emily is battling death and her family said there may be bad news for her. (Emily Willis)

Emily was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack, but her health did not improve. “Emily is currently on a ventilator and her condition has not improved,” said her father, Michael Willis.
Emily was said to have suffered a heart attack due to an overdose, but her father did not Denied the news is (Emily Willis)

Emily Willis is an adult film star and has a huge following on social media. She had overdosed on drugs, so she was admitted to a rehab center. But here she suffered a heart attack, after which she had to be hospitalized. After suffering a heart attack, she fell into a coma and her condition did not improve.

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