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Electoral bonds data: New data of Electoral bonds released by Central Election Commission leader

Leader Online Desk: New data of Electoral Bonds (Electoral Bonds) issued by the Supreme Court in sealed cover has been uploaded by the Election Commission on its website. The Central Election Commission has said that it contains data related to funding of political parties. The news in this context has been given by 'ANI'. (Electoral bonds data)

It is not clear what is the difference between the data of Electoral Bonds (electoral bonds) uploaded by the Election Commission earlier on March 14 and the data uploaded now. A hearing was held in the Supreme Court on Friday, March 15. At that time, the Election Commission had ordered that all the data should be uploaded by 5 pm on March 17. Meanwhile, the Election Commission has released the rest of the data on its website this afternoon. The figures were released a day after the Election Commission announced the dates for the seven-phase Lok Sabha elections from April 19 to June 1. (Electoral bonds data)

These sealed envelopes containing information about the election bonds were submitted by the Election Commission to the Supreme Court on 12 April 2019 and 2 November 2023. But the Election Commission did not keep its copies with itself. Therefore, the Election Commission requested the Supreme Court to return these sealed envelopes. On Friday, the Supreme Court directed the Registry to return the envelopes to the Election Commission. The Supreme Court had instructed the Election Commission to publish the information on the website by 5 pm on Sunday. According to the Election Commission today at 3 pm. This data is released on their website at 30.

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