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Election Commission: Delhi Election Commission is violating its own rules

New Delhi; Leading News Service: Not only the political parties but also the Election Commission are worried due to the low turnout in the four phases of the Lok Sabha elections. The Election Commission has directed the State Election Commission to consider all options to increase the voting percentage in the remaining three phases.

Even before this notification of the Election Commission, the Delhi Election Commission has started using children to increase the voting percentage. While issuing the notification, the Election Commission had given strict instructions that children should not be used in election campaign. The use of children in election campaigning will be considered a violation of the model code of conduct. Action will be taken against political parties and candidates who use children in election campaigns. These instructions were given by the Election Commission.

Delhi Election Commission seems to be trying to increase vote percentage with the help of school children. The commission has prepared a resolution letter for this. This resolution letter is given to the children in the school and the children are asked to get the signature of their parents on the resolution letter. Thus Delhi Election Commission is trying to increase the voting percentage in the elections.

At first glance, this step of the Election Commission can be called commendable. Children are considered as the future of the country. In such a situation, it is a good step to create awareness about elections in the minds of children from now. But the Election Commission is violating its own rules by doing this. The Election Commission is violating the code of conduct by using children in election campaign.

The Election Commission had issued strict instructions in this regard on February 5, 2024. It was said at this time that children should not be included in the election process. The Election Commission itself is now doing this work. The Election Commission of Delhi believes that through this process, the number of voters can be increased by 5 million in the Lok Sabha elections to be held in Delhi on May 25.

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