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Director spoke on Munna's entry in Mirzapur 3: I will not give much update, Pankaj said- I had no idea that the series would be a hit on a global level

17 hours agoAuthor: Ashish Tiwari

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The third season of the web series Mirzapur will be streamed on Amazon Prime on July 5. Fans have been waiting for the third season for a long time. This series is directed by Gurmeet Singh.

Pankaj Tripathi has played the character of everyone's favourite Kaleen Bhaiya in the series. Whereas, Ali Fazal has been seen in the role of Guddu.

Director Gurmeet, Pankaj Tripathi and Ali Fazal have had a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar before the release of the series.

Read the highlights of the conversation…

Question- Pankaj ji, what would you say about the way fans are excited about your character in the third season.
When the story and characters become popular, excitement is seen among the audience. People become curious to know the further story.

When Mirzapur Season 3 is released on July 5, the audience will be curious to know the story ahead. This is the specialty of web shows that every time people want to know further.

This series has received love from the audience not only in India but also at the global level. People abroad watch this show with great interest. The story is of local background, but the matter has now become global.

Question- Ali Fazal ji, the character of Guddu Bhaiya has a different fan following among the youth. How do you view this?
The character of Guddu Bhaiya is very interesting. There has been a lot of change in this character from the first season till now. I try to give different shades to this character. The youth is very angry about the problems prevailing in the society, they can relate to the character of Guddu, this is the reason why fans like it a lot.

Question- Gurmeet ji, Mirzapur has given a new definition to OTT after having a story of local background. Did you have any idea of ​​such success in the beginning?
No one had any idea that this series would become such a hit. Puneet Krishna has written the story of this series. He is a resident of Uttar Pradesh. He has lived such a life somewhere. That is why a very real touch has been seen in the story of the series.

Initially, we did not know that people living in every corner of India would be able to watch this series. We were lucky that the reach of this series increased through OTT.

We expected that the North Indian audience would like it a lot. But we did not know that it would be liked on a global level.

People are also able to connect with Mirzapur because its story has all those elements which are usually seen in a family.

Question: Pankaj and Ali ji, what special preparations do you both do to get into your respective characters?
Pankaj Tripathi says- I have seen many strongmen like Kaleen Bhaiya in UP-Bihar. But I have made the character of Kaleen Bhaiya more fictional. I have tried to make the character of Kaleen Bhaiya look very different from the real life gangsters.

For example, people who do not know Kaleen Bhaiya's background will consider him a very gentlemanly person. The reason is that he talks very politely to strangers.

At the same time, Ali Fazal says- I have been beaten up a lot in childhood fights. I did not see how many people were in front of me. I would just go to fight and come back after getting beaten up. This is where I took inspiration for the character, not for violence.

Question: Gurmeet ji, do you get messages from fans for Munna's surprise entry in the third season?
Yes, of course. Munna's character is very popular among the people. I will not give much update on Munna's character. But I will definitely say that I am happy to see the love of the fans that even after Munna's death in the second season, people want to see that character in the third season. As a director, this is a victory for me.

Question- Pankaj ji, many memes have been made about the character of Kaleen Bhaiya. Has there ever been any funny incident related to these memes?
I was in the village for 10-12 days last year. Many people used to come to click pictures with me. One day 2 people came. I wondered what work of mine these two would have seen. I asked them- how do you know me, what work of mine have you seen?

In response, both of them said- We have seen many videos in which you are seen saying 'Shabash beta' in the middle.

From this day onwards, my respect for meme makers has increased a lot. I am the raw material for making most of the memes.

Question- Ali ji, how has been your experience with fans and memes?
Guddu Bhaiya is quite popular in the world of memes. I myself often keep seeing some memes. Recently I saw a very unique meme made by combining 3 Idiots and Mirzapur.

There is also an anecdote that a fan used to send abusive words on Instagram. One day I asked him what the problem was and he wrote- I just wanted a reply from you bhaiya.

Question – Pankaj and Ali, what was one good and one bad experience of working in this series?
Both Pankaj and Ali say- the best thing is that all the co-actors are very nice. There is always a good atmosphere on the set. There is a real bonding with everyone, that is why we feel like going to work every day. No matter how long the shooting is, we never get tired of working.

At the same time, the bad experience is that every time during the summer months, we have to go to UP to shoot the series. The heat was so intense that even the fan had no effect.

Question- Pankaj ji, what is common between you and Kaleen Bhaiya? Which nature of Kaleen Bhaiya do you not like?
Both Kaleen Bhaiya and I are soft-spoken. However, I don't like the double-faced behaviour of my character.

Question- Ali ji, what is common between Guddu and you? Which nature of Guddu do you not like?
Now there is nothing common between me and the character of Guddu. Earlier, I used to get angry a lot like Guddu. But not anymore. At the same time, I do not like the impulsive nature of this character.

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