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Deepak Tijori's anger at CBFC: Accusing the board, he said – they do not give much time before release, then blackmail them.

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Actor Deepak Tijori has vented his anger on CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification). According to Deepak, he had to face a lot of problems during the screening of his film 'Tipsy'. Not only this, he also accused the CBFC people of blackmailing.

In an interview given to Bollywood Hungama, Deepak Tijori told that he had sent a message to the regional officer 20 days before the release of the film. Deepak wanted the screening of the film to happen at the right time. There is no kissing or adult scene in the film. Deepak wanted 'UA' certificate for the film. Whereas CBFC was earlier giving them 'U' certificate. But after the screening he was told that the film would be given an 'A' certificate.

Deepak further said that there are some dialogues and words in the movie, like blue film and porn. Which CBFC ordered to remove. Not only this, the rave party scene in which the characters are consuming chillum was also cut. According to Deepak, this substance is related to Bholenath.

The lyrics of 'Bhole Shiv Shankar' are also there in the background of the song. There was talk of removing this song by 50 percent. Within 15 minutes he got information about the changes made in the film. Deepak said that he has invested crores of rupees in making this film. But the censor board does not understand its importance.

Deepak said that he uploaded the edited version on the CBFC portal, but he did not get the certificate till late evening. Then he sent his man to the board office in Andheri. But instead of giving him the certificate, a soft copy was sent on mail.

This entire process took 8-10 hours. Due to which the morning shows of the film were affected. The actor said that the board gives this kind of treatment to filmmakers. First of all, they don't give much time before release. Then they blackmail, due to which the filmmakers cannot even refuse.

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