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Darshan is in jail for killing a fan: There is a race to make a film on the murder, the association has banned it till the court's decision comes

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Famous Kannada cinema actor Darshan Kumar Thoogudeepa is in jail for murdering his fan. He was arrested along with actress Pavitra Gowda in June. The police have also found solid evidence against him and the actress. Amidst the controversies, now many filmmakers want to make a film on Darshan Thoogudeepa and this murder case.

Every day, filmmakers are reaching the Film Association to register the title of the film. However, the association believes that as long as the matter is in court, the film will not be made.

Photo of Darshan Thoogudeepa taken during his arrest.

Photo of Darshan Thoogudeepa taken during his arrest.

According to a recent Times of India report, many filmmakers want to make a film on Darshan Thoogudeepa. They have approached the association to register the title. The most discussed film titles are D-Gang, Kaidi No. 6101 and Pattanagere Shade.

Darshan is known as D-Boss in films, so it was proposed to keep the title of the film D-Gang as per his name. Prisoner number 6101 is Darshan's current prisoner number. Darshan's fan Renukaswamy was murdered in Pettanagere shed, so a filmmaker wants to make a film with the name Pettanagere shed.

The film association did not give permission to make the film

There are also reports that the Film Association has banned the making of films on these names and Darshan Thoogudeepa. The association believes that Darshan's case is currently in court. Until a decision comes from the court, no film will be made on him.

What is the whole matter?

Let us tell you that Darshan Kumar and his girlfriend Pavithra Gowda were arrested on June 11 for the murder of Renukaswamy, a youth working in a medical store in Bengaluru. Renukaswamy's body was found in a drain on the intervening night of June 8-9.

When the police started the investigation, first the names of actor Darshan Kumar's close friends came up and then Darshan's name. Darshan Kumar and his girlfriend Pavitra were also present at the place where Renukaswamy was murdered. Darshan and Pavitra have been arrested after being seen in CCTV near the crime scene.

On the other hand, it has come to light that Darshan had offered Rs 15 lakh to his 3 companions to take the blame for the murder. However, now he is in police custody. Investigation has revealed that Darshan had brutally cut off the fan's ear. There were injuries in his private parts as well. Renukaswamy was beaten to death with a wooden stick, which was revealed in the post-mortem.

A fan used to harass Darshan's girlfriend

Let us tell you that in January 2024, actress Pavitra Gowda shared some pictures with Darshan Thoogudeepa and told that 10 years of her and Darshan's relationship have been completed. During this, Darshan's wife Vijay Lakshmi had talked about taking legal action against Pavitra.

After the news of the extra-marital affair came out, Darshan Thoogudeepa's fan Renukaswamy was hurt. He was constantly sending objectionable messages to Pavitra asking her to stay away from Darshan. Initially, the actress ignored the messages, but later Renukaswamy started sending her threatening messages. When Pavitra complained about this to Darshan, he, along with his fan club members, got Renukaswamy killed.

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