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Conspiracy to discredit Indian Judiciary | leader

Alok Mehta

It is high time that America, which has been admonishing the entire world to follow democratic principles, should check what is burning under its own feet. Recently, there have been increasing incidents of interference in India's internal affairs and comments about the judiciary by Western countries including the US. This is a conspiracy to defame the Indian Judiciary and it is high time to stop this.

After India warned the US in clear words not to pry into our internal affairs, its repercussions are coming at various levels. The arrest of Arvind Kejriwal and the action taken by the Income Tax Department against the Congress in connection with bank accounts have come to the fore. That is why some countries have started complaining about the Indian judiciary. About six hundred lawyers including famous lawyer Harish Salve have written a letter to Chief Justice Dhananjay Chandrachud in this regard. After that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed his opinion on this issue and said that he is determined to make the Indian judiciary the best in the world. Therefore, in the background of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, it is considered natural to discuss this issue.

…dry stone itself

It would be better if the US, which has been advising the Indian Judiciary, looked inward. The reason for this is that according to a report issued by an international organization, in the last two years, about sixty percent of the people have lost faith in the Supreme Court of the United States. Many judges have found themselves in the midst of controversy, after which a voluntary ethical system has started to be adopted spontaneously. The state of America has become like 'people tell theology, they themselves are dry stone' regarding the judiciary. According to information released by the organization Blue Berg Law, there are 311 lower level judges who have to face several serious challenges. This amount is increasing day by day. Openly threatening judges is common in America.

The process of transition of power is also becoming more and more challenging in America. The pike of the democratic system there are publicly expressing concern about this. It is well known how supporters of the defeated candidate Donald Trump in the last presidential election attacked the US Parliament building on Capitol Hills. Out of 142 countries, the US is ranked 37th in terms of easy transition of power. The US ranks 109th and 124th in both impunity and equality of justice for all. This terrible reality is never highlighted in the global uproar. Elizabeth Anderson, executive director of the World Justice Project, says self-discipline is paramount in any system. When people lose faith in the judiciary, it is an invitation to chaos. So people start acting like judges themselves.

Easy transition is a matter of concern

When Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 US presidential election, the uproar among Republican supporters was unprecedented. A total of 91 charges against former President Trump are still pending. Now, if Biden wins again in the upcoming presidential election, senior officials in the administration are afraid of what Trump's supporters will do. However, the Republican Party has given the nomination to Trump, and this time he is ready to become the president at any cost.

Modi's attack on Congress

On the one hand, in the background of some Western countries, including the US, advising India, prominent lawyers of the country have written to Chief Justice Dhananjay Chandrachud, expressing concern about the criticism of the Indian judiciary by external forces. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has held the Congress responsible for this. Congress is only interested in criticism and accusations. That party does not want any liability. However, people have failed to understand his idiosyncratic politics. That is why 140 crore people of the country have rejected the Congress. Modi also said that the time has come for those forces who make anti-national statements and criticize the judiciary in the country to dress up for it.

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