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Congress eyes on Mangalsutras; Narendra Modi's death

Aligarh : News Agency : The eyes of India Aghadi with Congress are on the savings and wealth of the countrymen. Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the opposition by saying that if Congress comes to power, even women's mangalsutra will not be safe.

Speaking in the meeting here, Modi said, in the manifesto of the opposition, it has been said that there will be a survey of the wealth of the countrymen. India Aghadi has an eye on the hard-earned savings and wealth of the people of the country. Congress and India Aghadi are plotting to seize the property of countrymen and divide it among themselves. Congress has said that they will take information about the ornaments in everyone's house. Congress is planning to take the gold belonging to the mother and sisters and distribute it.

Mother's and sister's stridhana has a unique importance for us. Gold is also protected by law. However, Congress' Shahzada is preparing to take away the jewels of the nanny-sisters. Therefore, if Congress comes to power, even women's mangalsutra will not be safe. Former Prime Minister Dr. Modi also highlighted the fact that Manmohan Singh also said that the minority community has the first right to the country's resources.

Modi further said, “We have stopped the undesirable practice of triple talaq in the Muslim religion. Increased quota for Haj pilgrims. If you have an ancestral house near the village and a flat is taken in the city for the future of the children, the opposition will take away one of the two houses. He also criticized that the ideology of Congress and India Aghadi is Maoist.

Congress complains to Election Commission against Modi

Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge has criticized the need to make Prime Minister Narendra Modi literate. Abhishek Manu Singhvi informed that a complaint has been lodged against Modi with the Election Commission due to his offensive statement against the Congress. The Congress has also criticized that Modi has become distracted because of the popularity of the Congress manifesto. However, the Election Commission has remained silent on Modi's statement.

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