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Casting couch was attempted on actress Sai Tamhankar: The condition of spending time with the director-producer in exchange for the role was put forward, the actress got angry

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Sai Tamhankar is one of the popular actresses of Marathi cinema. She has worked hard to make a place in the film industry but during this time she had to go through some bad experiences. There were some occasions when casting couch attempts were made on her.

Got an offer to spend time with the filmmaker

Recently, in an interview, Sai had talked about such an offer. She had said, 'When I was looking for work, an unknown man called me and said – I have a film offer for you but there is a condition. You will have to spend the night with the director and producer. Usually one has to spend the night with the hero as well but since you are here, I am only talking about the producer and director. After listening to him, I replied to him – why don't you send your mother?'

Sai further said, 'Hearing this, he became silent for ten seconds. I told him that he need not call me again. After this, I never received a call from him. Sometimes you have to raise your voice against wrong things.'

Sai has done more than two dozen films

Born in Sangli, Maharashtra, Sai has worked as an actress in more than two dozen Marathi films. Sai participated in a drama competition while studying in class 12 and after this drama, she got an acting offer.

After this, he worked in Aamir Khan's 2008 film 'Ghajini' and Subhash Ghai's film 'Black and White'.

After working in these films, she appeared as a lead actress in many plays. She also received the Best Actress award for her strong acting in the play 'Aadha-Adhuura'. After this, she was selected for a show on MTV.

Sai has also worked in some Marathi TV serials. She has also played an important role in the famous Marathi serial 'Ya Gojirvanya Gharat'. This year she was seen in the film 'Bhakshak' which was released on February 9, 2024.

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