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CAA vs US: 'America should not let India know about CAA', Modi government's sharp reply | leader

Leaders Online Desk : CAA vs US : India has reacted strongly to US comments on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has clearly stated that the US response to the CAA is motivated by unnecessary and incomplete information. This Act deals with granting citizenship, not taking away one's citizenship. The Indian Constitution has given every citizen of India the right to freedom of religion. Those who have no knowledge of India's diverse traditions do not need to teach us.'

The Central Government on Monday (March 11) issued a notification for the Citizenship Amendment Act. Under this, minorities from three neighboring countries can be granted Indian citizenship. Under the CAA, there is a provision to grant citizenship to people of other religions, except for Muslim communities in neighboring countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. (CAA vs US)

Then on Thursday (14th), US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller gave a press conference and reacted to the CAA law implemented in India. He said that 'India has issued the notification of the Citizenship Amendment Bill on March 11. We are concerned about this. We are monitoring the implementation of this law. Respect for religious freedom and equal treatment of all communities under the law are fundamental principles of democracy,' it advised.

On Friday, India's Ministry of External Affairs gave a sharp reply to the reaction of the US. The Ministry issued a statement in this regard. It said, 'The Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 is an internal issue of India. The decision to enact this Act has been made keeping in mind India's inclusive traditions and our commitment to human rights. Those who have limited knowledge of India's traditions and the post-partition history of the region should not comment on the matter,' said Khada.

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