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“CAA is not anti-Muslim…”, Home Minister Amit Shah attacks opponents leader

Leaders Online: The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) notification was issued on March 11. But this law is strongly opposed by the opponents. In this background, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has explained the role of the central government. Amit Shah has expressed a clear stand that the CAA will never be withdrawn and the BJP-led government will never compromise with it. He has also rejected the opposition's claim that the CAA is unconstitutional. He has said that this Act has not violated the constitutional provisions.

In an interview to ANI, Amit Shah said, “It is our sovereign right to ensure Indian citizenship in our country, we will never compromise on that and CAA will never be withdrawn.”

When asked about the opposition alliance 'India', a Congress leader in particular said that they would repeal the Act once they came to power. On this, Home Minister Amit Shah said that even the opposition knows that the chances of coming to power are slim. “Even the INDIA Alliance knows that it will not come to power. The CAA Act has been introduced by the Narendra Modi-led government. It is impossible to cancel it. We will create awareness about this throughout the country. So that those who want to cancel it will not get a chance,” Shah also claimed.

“They always talk about Article 14. They forget that there are two sub-clauses in that clause. This Act does not violate Article 14. Here is a clear, correct classification. This law is for those who remained in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh due to partition. They faced religious persecution there and decided to come to India,” Shah noted.

The opposition has alleged that the BJP government at the center has issued the CAA notification keeping in view the Lok Sabha elections. Answering him, Amit Shah said, “First of all I will talk about time. All opposition parties including Rahul Gandhi, Mamata and Kejriwal are playing politics of lies. So there is no question of time. BJP has made it clear in its 2019 manifesto that we will introduce CAA and give Indian citizenship to refugees (from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan). BJP has a clear agenda and true to that promise, the Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed in both houses of Parliament in 2019. It was delayed due to Corona and the BJP had made its agenda clear before the party got a mandate in the elections.”

Is CAA anti-Muslim?

MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi had termed the CAA as “anti-Muslim”. On this, Home Minister Shah said, “What is his logic?” Muslims cannot be religiously oppressed. Because Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh have been declared as Islamic countries. There is no provision of NRC in this Act. There is no provision in this Act to revoke the citizenship of anyone.

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