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Burnt paper in Patna and cash in Godhra, but still support of NTA!

New Delhi, Leading News Service: An investigation by the police of Bihar and Gujarat has revealed that papers were leaked in the NEET examination. In Godhra, the students had paid huge sums of money to the agent to buy torn papers. Also, police seized 7 lakhs cash from the car of a teacher. It has also come to light that the question papers that were burst in Patna were burnt. However, still Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has backed the National Testing Agency (NTA) by saying that there is no evidence of paper-leaking, leading to growing discontent among students and parents.

The NEET exam was going on at the Jai Jalaram School center in Godhra, Gujarat on (May 5). At that time, on the instructions given by the District Collector of Panchmahal, the police had detained Tushar Bhatt, the director teacher of the center. Police seized Rs 7 lakh cash from the teacher's car. The brokers who broke the papers had contacted him and brought out the question papers. The police investigation also revealed that these brokers took Rs 10 lakh from each of the students.

In Bihar, the police raided a place before the NEET exam in Patna. Burned question papers have been found at the spot. Police have arrested 13 people in this case. The police collected the pieces of the burnt question papers and the Financial Offenses Branch started matching them with the original question paper. The police have sent the pieces for forensic examination. This investigation will reveal whether the NEET papers were really cracked.

Not only the issue of paper burst but also the issue of grace marks awarded to 1563 students has raised a storm. The National Testing Agency claims that students were given grace marks because they did not get enough time at some exam centers. The Supreme Court has also ordered a re-examination of the students who have secured grace marks. However, the chaos in the examination has not subsided. Dissatisfaction among students and parents is on the rise as Education Minister Dhamendra Pradhan is backing the National Testing Agency by claiming that no evidence of paper-tearing has been found despite the whole mess of NEET examination including paper-tearing coming to light. The students and parents are demanding that the entire matter be investigated by CBI and the examination should be retaken properly.

Did such a mistake happen in the exam?

There are different types of corruption in any entrance or selection test. This includes splitting papers in advance with the help of brokers, placing scholar students properly, etc. Claims are being made that brokering, paper splitting, etc. have taken place in the chaos of the NEET exam.

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