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Budaun Double Murder | 'If you commit a crime, you will be punished': Sajid's mother supports the encounter leader

Leading Online Desk : The encounter of Sajid, the suspect in the murder case of 2 children in Badayu, Uttar Pradesh, has been supported by his mother. Sajid's mother Najeen said that if you have committed a crime, you will have to face the punishment. (Budaun Double Murder)

On Tuesday evening, Sajid, a salon shop driver in Badaun, killed two children, Ayush and Ahan Thakur, who lived next to him by slitting their throats. Sajid was accompanied by his brother Javed. Sajid was killed in the ensuing police encounter. (Budaun Double Murder)

Sajid's mother Najeen has given an interview to the media regarding the whole matter. She said, “I don't know why my children committed this crime. In the evening they had breakfast and left the house at seven o'clock. I don't know what happened next, and there was no tension at home.” He also said that Sajid and Javed have been running the salon shop for a long time and they had no quarrel with anyone. This news NDTVhas given

She said, “If you have committed a crime, you must be punished. Had they not committed this crime, none of this would have happened.”
He also said that Sajid's wife is not pregnant. “Sajid had two sons, but they have died long ago.”

What exactly happened to the Badayu? Budaun Double Murder

Sajid and Vinod Thakur, father of the dead boy, knew each other. Sajid went to Vinod's house saying that his wife is pregnant and he needs five thousand rupees for her treatment. When Vinod's wife went to the kitchen to make tea, Sajid killed their two children by slitting their throats. While the third son Piyush escaped from the house, he was saved.

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