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Blast in Train: Fire in Valsad Express in Bihar, constable dies while putting out the fire

Leader Online Desk: Valsada Express caught fire in Bihar due to short circuit. An on-duty RPF head constable died when a fire extinguisher cylinder exploded while extinguishing it. This incident took place in the Valsad-Muzaffarpur train today (22nd) morning. (Blast in Train)

An RPF jawan was killed in an explosion in the compartment of Valsad Express at Muzaffarpur railway station. A short circuit in the bogie caused the fire. The RPPF team started controlling the fire. At the same time Constable Vinod Kumar started trying to extinguish the fire with a small fire cylinder (fire extinguisher). Meanwhile, the fire cylinder exploded. The accident was so severe that Vinod Kumar died on the spot. After this incident, there was panic in the area. Railway officials rushed Vinod Kumar to hospital but doctors declared him brought dead. (Blast in Train)

Blast in Train: Blast as soon as the cylinder is unlocked

Valsad Express is said to have arrived at Muzaffarpur railway station at 6.30 am on Monday. After some time, flames started coming out from the toilet of S-8 coach of the train. On getting information about the fire, teams of Railway and RPF reached here and started controlling the fire. RPF jawan Vinod Kumar also entered to control the fire. They started trying to bring the fire under control with the help of fire cylinders. One cylinder of fire was exhausted but the fire did not go out. Meanwhile, they started trying to control the fire with the second fire cylinder. As soon as the cylinder lock was opened, the cylinder exploded. Vinod Kumar died in this. (Blast in Train)

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