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BJP stock in electoral bonds; About 6 thousand crores of funds, see which party got how much funds leader

Leader Online Desk: The Election Commission has made public the information related to Electoral Bonds. According to the Election Commission, the State Bank of India (SBI) had provided data related to election bonds to the Election Commission (ECI) on March 12, 2024, as per Supreme Court directions. The data was then uploaded on the Election Commission website on Thursday. The electoral bond data received from SBI has been uploaded on the website as is.

There is detailed information about the amount of funds received by political parties in these election bonds. BJP is leading in this. It has been found that Congress and some other parties have also received funds. The preliminary estimate is that BJP has received 6 thousand 60 crore 51 lakh funds. It is reported that Congress has received funds of 1 thousand four hundred and 21 crore 86 lakhs. At the same time, it is known that some other parties have blocked this election.

Donations received by political parties

Amount Rupees Party Total No. of Bonds
6060,51,11,000 BJP 8633
1421,86,55,000 Congress 3146
65,45,00000 Aam Aadmi Party 245
14,05,00000 Samajwadi Party 46
6,05,00000 AIDMK 38
1609,53,14,000 Trinamool Congress 3305
1214,70,99,000 BRS 1806
14,00,000,00 Janata Dal United 14
775,50,000,00 Biju Janata Dal 861
639,00,000,00 DMK 648
35,00000 Goa Forward Party 17
50,00000 National Conference 5
21,0000000 Janasena Party 39
43,50,00000 Janata Dal Secular 75
13,50,00000 Jharkhand Mukti Morcha 45
55,00000 Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party 28
31,0000000 Nationalist 121
73,50,00000 Rashtriya Janata Dal 150
7,26,00000 Shiromani Akali Dal 33
158,38,14,000 Shiv Sena 354
5,50,00000 Sikkim Democratic Party 10
36,50,00000 Sikkim Kranti Morcha 50
218,88,00000 Telugu Desam Party 279
337,0000000 YSR Congress 472

SBI electoral bonds.  File

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