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Bihar Congress leader Pappu Yadav on the verge of rebellion; Independent fighting moves | leader

New Delhi; Umesh Kumar: Bihar Congress leader Pappu Yadav is on the verge of rebellion. Pappu Yadav is likely to contest as an independent candidate from Purnia Lok Sabha constituency in Bihar. He has also prepared hard for that. But Congress does not seem to be trying to stop them from this. State president Akhilesh Prasad Singh, state in-charge Mohan Prakash have also kept their mouths shut on the issue of Pappu Yadav. Even the Congress party elite is not in a mood to pay attention to Pappu Yadav. Pappu Yadav's rebellious attitude is the reason for this.

According to Congress party elites, there is an alliance with the Rashtriya Janata Dal in the state and the Purnia seat has been taken over by them. On this background there is no point in going beyond the parties and claiming the place. That front is against religion. The Congress is also assuming that Pappu Yadav came to the Congress headquarters to merge his party with the Jan Adhikar Party but did not complete the necessary formalities. He also showed no interest in getting Congress membership. Therefore, Pappu Yadav could not officially become a member of the Congress. After joining the Congress, to become an official member, they have to go to the state headquarters and obtain membership. But with the announcement at the Congress headquarters in Delhi, Pappu Yadav went back to Purnia, his old Lok Sabha constituency in Bihar, and started campaigning. He showed no interest in joining the party. So he did not become a member of the party. They also knew that the seat would go to an alliance partner. The Congress is of the opinion that Pappu Yadav has not officially become a member of the party. In such cases, there is no need to do anything about their expulsion.

However, Bihar in-charge Mohan Prakash said that the alliance with the RJD was announced after the approval of the party's senior leadership. Poornia's seat has gone to RJD, an ally. Congress will support RJD candidate here. If the candidate of the party is in rebellion and contesting the seat, the party elite will take the right decision when the time comes.

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