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Bigg Boss OTT-3 again in controversy: A snake was seen roaming in the house, Luv Kataria was handcuffed at a short distance

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Bigg Boss OTT 3 has been in controversies for the past several days. Sometimes there was a controversy over Ranveer Shorey smoking cigarette in public, while fans were angry when no action was taken when Armaan Malik slapped Vishal. Now a snake has been seen during a task in the Bigg Boss house. Luv Kataria was kept handcuffed for 12 hours at a distance of a few meters from the place where the snake was seen. Ever since the video of the snake surfaced, the fans of the show have been accusing the makers of negligence.

This season, the concept of 'baharwale' has been introduced. One of the current housemates is secretly made an 'baharwale', who is given some privileges from time to time. This week, Luv Kataria was made an 'baharwale' in the house, however, when his friend Vishal came to know about this secret, Bigg Boss evicted Luv Kataria from the house. To save him, the housemates were given a task, which prevented him from leaving the house. Now, the decision of his eviction depends on the audience.

Until the audience's decision comes, Luv Kataria has been handcuffed to a pole in the garden area. However, a snake has been seen near the place where Luv has been tied. Luv Kataria was tied to the pole when the snake came out from behind him. Although the housemates did not see the snake, the fans of the show kept their eyes on it.

After the video surfaced, many users are accusing the Bigg Boss makers of negligence. Despite seeing the snake, Luv was kept in handcuffs.

The show has been in controversies for the past several days

In this Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Armaan Malik slapped contestant Vishal. According to the rules of Bigg Boss, any kind of violence is prohibited in the Bigg Boss house, however, this season, calling it a special case, Armaan has been nominated only for the entire season. However, before this, many people have been thrown out of the show for committing violence.

Ranveer Shore was seen smoking in public

While in Bigg Boss 16, Sajid Khan was punished for smoking in the garden area, in this season, Ranveer Shorey is constantly seen smoking sometimes in the bedroom and sometimes in the living room, although no action was taken against him, nor was he reprimanded.

Luv Kataria will be made an outsider again

There are reports that after this punishment, Bigg Boss is going to give Luv Kataria the status of an outsider again. Soon there is going to be a mid-week eviction in the show. During this time, Luv Kataria will be made an outsider again. There are reports that Luv Kataria will be given special power in the mid-week eviction. Let us tell you that this week Vishal Pandey, Luv Kataria, Armaan Malik, Shivani Kumari and Deepak Chaurasia are nominated to be evicted from the house.

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