Thursday, June 13, 2024

Big news: Israel attacks Gaza school; 27 killed

Leader Online Desk: 27 people have been killed in an Israeli attack on a school in Gaza. Israel said the operation was carried out because Hamas terrorists were hiding in the school. The local media said that the displaced people had taken shelter in this school.

The attack took place on a school run by the United Nations in Nusirat, central Gaza. Israel says a secret Gaza force is operating at the school. On October 7, 2023, some terrorists involved in the attack on Israel by Hamas were hiding in this school, so it was said on behalf of Israel that this action was taken.

This claim has been rejected by the government of Hamas in Gaza. Israel is spreading false information. Hamas claims that Israel is attacking civilians, and that Israel is making false statements in support of it.
A meeting between Fatah party chairman and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and representatives of Hamas is expected to take place in China in mid-June on what the post-war political system should look like in Palestine. Earlier, two such meetings were held in China and Russia.

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