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Big News: Banks Will Have To Submit 'STR' Daily During Elections, Know More | leader

Leader Online Desk : Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar announced the election dates today (March 16). (Lok Sabha Election date 2024) Voting for Lok Sabha Election 2024 will be held in 7 phases. The Election Commission has also ordered the banks to file 'STR' (Suspicious Transaction Report) every day during the election period. Let's know more about…

Banks will inquire about whether the demand for money has suddenly increased

Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar said that we have taken some steps to effectively prevent misuse of money and conduct fair elections in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The role of banks will be important in this. Banks will also inquire about whether there is a sudden increase in the demand for money in a branch of the bank. Also NPCI will monitor if there is more demand in payments through wallets. We will see all the wallet transactions. Banks will send Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) almost daily, he added.

Misuse of money will be rampant during elections

We will prevent misuse of money during elections with the help of all enforcement agencies, strong agencies and institutions like NPCI, GST, banks will track suspicious transactions on financial transactions during election period. The administration will keep a close eye on illegal distribution of sensitive goods and free goods. Illegal online cash transfers will be strictly monitored. He also expressed his belief that misuse of money during the election period will be curbed through this medium.

Polling in seven phases, results on June 4

Election Commission Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar today announced the dates of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 on Saturday (16). (Lok Sabha Election date 2024) Voting for Lok Sabha Election 2024 will be held in 7 phases and counting of votes will take place on June 4. The first phase of Lok Sabha polls will be held on April 19, the second phase on April 26, the third phase on May 7, the fourth phase on May 13, the fifth phase on May 20, the sixth phase on May 25 and the seventh phase on June 1. And counting of votes will be on June 4, said Rajiv Kumar.

15% more new female voters than new male voters

The number of male voters in the country is 49.7 crore, while in 2019 the number was 46.5 crore. On the other hand, the number of women voters is 47.1 crore, as against 43.1 crore in the previous Lok Sabha elections. The Election Commission has reported a positive increase in the gender ratio in the electoral roll. It also indicates the growing role of women in the country's democratic structure. More than 2.63 crore new voters have been included in the electoral roll. Out of them 1.41 crore are female voters and 1.22 crore are male voters. Thus the number of new female voters is 15% more than the new male voters.

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