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Bharat Shakti Exercise: The slogan of war exercise around the world leader

Pokhran: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with senior officials from 30 countries, witnessed the thrilling exercise of the Defense Forces under the Bharat Shakti 2024 exercise in Pokhran. On this occasion, Modi expressed his feeling that India's power has been echoed throughout the world through the brave exercises performed by the Army, Air Force and Navy.

Bharat Shakti Exercise: Display of indigenously made weapons

Indigenously made weapons were included in the exercise. The demonstration highlighted the ability to respond aggressively to the enemy from all three areas – land, sea and air.

Bharat Shakti Exercise: 50 minutes of thrills

These exercises were going on for 50 minutes on the battlefield of Pokhran. Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed the feeling that the strength of self-reliant India came from the Defense Force exercise in Pokhran.

Bharat Shakti Exercise: Vision of New India

Self-reliance was assured by seeing the brave drills of the soldiers. At this time, Modi expressed the opinion that the feeling of a new India came from the sound of the defense force's drill from Pokhran.

1,00,000 crores

Modi said on this occasion that relentless efforts are being made to become self-sufficient in defense materials. Defense expenditure has been doubled. Modi said at this time that this provision has gone up to one lakh crores.

1800 crores

150 defense startups have been launched in 10 years. 1800 crore orders have been given to these companies on behalf of the defense forces.

7,000 crores

A provision of 7 thousand crores has been made for the Defense Corridor. These projects will be implemented in Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu.

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