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Bhagyashree Fund made a success of Udgir leader

Udgir, Leader News Service : As expected, Bhagyashree Fund, an international wrestler and holder of the Maharashtra Kesari title, dominated her group unquestionably. Khashaba Jadhav Cup State Level Wrestling Tournament Along with this, Sanjana Bagdi, Ashlesha Bagde, Gauri Patil also won gold medals in their respective weight groups.

This state level wrestling tournament is going on at the Taluka Sports Complex in Udgir on behalf of the Directorate of Sports and Youth of the State Government. Bhagyashree Fund of Srigondya (District Nagar) defeated Pooja Londhe of Sangli in the first round in the final match of 62 kg category. As soon as the match started, Bhagyashree entered the singles fold and rode on Pooja's back to earn 2 points. After that, Pooja could not free herself from the clutches of Bhagyashree. Then Bhagyashree earned 8 points in a row on Bharandaj's innings and won the gold medal by beating Pooja's game in the first round. Siddhi Kanse of Satara won the bronze medal.

Sanjana Bagdi of Sangli defeated Aradhana Naik of Latur by a margin of 10-0 in the women's 72 kg gold medal bout. Satara's Preeti Patil and Nagar's Sonia Sarak got bronze medals. Ashlesha Bagde of Satarya and Ankita Jadhav of Latur had a close fight in the 57 kg category. As the fight was tied 2-2, Ashlesha wrestled well and won the gold medal. In the final match of 53 kg category, Gauri Patil of Kolhapur won the gold medal by defeating Trupti Gutta of Kolhapur by 12-3 points.

Gold medals to Srikanth, Suraj, Parth, Omkar, Rakesh, Satish

self In the men's section of the Khashaba Jadhav Cup state level wrestling tournament, the final match between Kolhapur's Suraj Aswale and Nashik district's Pawan Donnar in the 61 kg category was very tight. Suraj won the gold medal with a 12-7 score difference in this wrestling match that made you hold your breath till the last moment. In the 60 kg category, Srikanth Kamanna of Kolhapur won the gold medal by defeating Akash Sargar of Solapur by 7-4 points in the final match. Atul Medde of Nashik district and Prateek Patil of Kolhapur won bronze medals.

In the 67 kg category, Parth Kandare of Pune city defeated Arbaj Pathan of Jalgaon by 8-0 to win the gold medal. Vaishnav Adkar of Pune district and Mauli Tipugade of Kolhapur won bronze medals. In the 72 kg category, Kolhapur's Onkar Patil won the gold medal by defeating Solapur's Kiran Satre by 9-0 in the final match. In the 74 kg category, Kolhapur's Rakesh Tambulkar defeated Abhijit Bhosle of Kolhapur 2-1 to seal the gold medal. Sangli's Satish Munde defeated Kolhapur's Rohan Rande by 9-5 in the gold medal match in the 97 kg category.

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