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Bengaluru IT employee thief | Lost job during Corona period and IT employee became a thief leader

Leaders Online Desk: Many employees had to lose their jobs during Corona. Meanwhile, Jassi Agarwal, who had come from Noida for a job in Bangalore, also lost her job. After that, 'she' turned out to be a 26-year-old IT employee girl, Attal Chor. The news in this regard has been given by 'India Today'. (Bengaluru IT employee thief)

Jassi, an IT employee in Bangalore, started stealing laptops and gadgets from PGs' residences after losing her job during the Corona crisis. She would enter unoccupied rooms and pick up laptops left for charging. After that, she used to come to her village and sell the stolen gadgets in the black market. (IT employee thief)

The matter came to light when a PG resident lodged a complaint with the police. The concerned person informed that several laptops were missing from PGs residence. The police then arrested Jasi on March 26 and seized 24 laptops worth Rs 10-15 lakh from him. (Bengaluru IT employee thief)

Jassi, an IT employee with a suspected criminal affiliation, is doing the same in many places. She has been doing such thefts for some time now. Our crime branch entered Banglumdhir PG. A senior police official also said that during the investigation, the police got the CCTV footage of Jessie returning with the stolen gadgets.

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