Thursday, June 13, 2024

Ban on four companies helping Pakistan to build missiles

Washington, D.C. News Agency: The US confronted Pakistan with the help of China and Belarus, which was trying to develop a highly destructive ballistic missile in secret. The US has banned Chinese and Belarusian companies that are helping Pakistan build destructive nuclear weapons.

According to the information provided by the US State Department, it has been revealed that 3 companies in China and one company in Belarus are supplying materials and equipment to Pakistan for the production of destructive missiles. Therefore, it has been decided to ban these companies. China-based Xi'an Longde Technology Development Limited, GranPect Limited, Tianjin Creative Source and Belarus-based Minsk Wheel Plant have reportedly supplied Pakistan with filament winding, stir welding and other equipment for manufacturing long-range ballistic missiles.

The US investigation has revealed that these companies are supplying machines and equipment to Pakistan for the production of missiles of mass destruction. These companies have been banned in the United States because of the supply of materials useful for Pakistan's nuclear weapons. These companies were also providing secret assistance to Pakistan for rocket motors and nuclear powered spacecraft. The United States has also said that equipment for the production of destructive missiles was being supplied to Pakistan from Minsk, a Belarus company.

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