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Ayush Sharma cried when 'Loveyatri' flopped: Apologized to Salman on phone, said – I wasted all your money

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These days Ayush Sharma is busy promoting his upcoming film 'Ruslaan'. The film will be released on 26 April. He told during an interview how people accuse him that he married Arpita Khan to get a break. Aayush also talked about his initial meeting with Salman. He said that when he met Salman, he had clearly said that he did not want to become an actor.

Ayush told Salman- I gave 300 auditions, but could not be selected even in 2 auditions. I don't think I can do this. On this Salman told Ayush – Son, your training is not good, I will train you.

During a conversation with Siddharth Kannan, Ayush said – Apart from marriage, people say that I am wasting Salman Bhai's money. Should I share my income tax details? Ayush tells that when Salman Bhai called me during Loveyatri, I had tears in my eyes.

I said sorry that I wasted so much money. They told me I had gone crazy. Actually, he wanted to know what I was thinking, what I was feeling. But when the digital rights of the finale were sold to satellite and OTT platforms, I felt a little better.

Ayush also told that there was a time when he did not even have money to buy breakfast for himself. Because his father was against his decision to become an actor. He shared- When the final was released, I was at 'Ayaz' restaurant in Bandra.

The last time I went to 'Ayaz' was when I had only Rs 20, so I had my last dinner there at night. After that I had no money for breakfast. This was the time when my father was against my decision to become an actor.

This time too I was in 'Ayaaz' and I got a call that the satellite and all other rights of the film had been sold. When I heard the price, I was not happy that 'Antim' was releasing and we were going to make money, I was very happy because the accounts had been settled and we had made a profit. Before this, there was a different pressure on me that a family member's money was stuck.

I want to focus on raising children- Ayush Sharma

Ayush married Arpita Khan on 18 November 2014. They are parents of two children – daughter Ayat and son Aahil. Ayush said that now he does not care what people say and his focus is on giving good upbringing to his two children. He said- Salman Bhai is a very good person. He never mentioned to me about money, he never said – because of you so much money was lost.

In the end, Ayush said that I want to tell those people who think that I waste Salman Bhai's money. I have never taken money from them. But I don't need to explain it. Now it doesn't matter to me. What matters to me is whether I can pay my children's school fees, whether I can give them a good home, good upbringing. I want to be a good father to them.

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