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Attempt to kill Kejriwal in jail: 'AAP' serious charge

New Delhi, Leading News Service: AAP leader Sourav Bhardwaj made a serious allegation that there is an attempt to slowly kill Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in Tihar jail. He was speaking at a press conference in Delhi today (April 20). Arvind Kejriwal had demanded insulin and daily doctor's consultation in jail. Delhi's Rouse Avenue Court reserved the verdict on this demand. After this, Sourav Bhardwaj has made this allegation.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is in Tihar Jail in the liquor policy case. They were allowed to have home-cooked meals in the jail. So they eat home cooked food even in jail. Meanwhile, the ED had accused him that “Kejriwal eats mangoes and sweets in jail to increase blood sugar.” After this allegation by ED, AAP leaders have become very aggressive. Kejriwal on Friday (April 19) requested the court to allow him to administer insulin and consult a doctor via televised system in jail. The outcome of this hearing has been reserved by the Rouse Avenue Court of Delhi. Therefore, AAP leaders felt that Kejriwal is suffering from diabetes and he is not getting insulin and doctor's advice in jail.

In a press conference today, AAP leader Sourav Bhardwaj said, “There is a conspiracy to slowly kill Kejriwal in Tihar Jail, there is a fear of organ damage if a high diabetic patient does not get medicine. This can happen to Arvind Kejriwal too, Lt Governor Vinay Saxena will not donate a kidney if that happens.” At the same time, Bhardwaj also read the report that Kejriwal's blood sugar level is continuously increasing.

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