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'At first the talk of working with SRK seemed a joke': Priyamani said – had requested Rohit Shetty not to make me just a background dancer

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Priyamani recently revealed that when she first got a call from Rohit Shetty's office for Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer film 'Chennai Express', she thought it was a joke. Priyamani could not believe that this could happen.

Priyamani shares her experience of 'Chennai Express'
Priyamani said during the conversation- One day I got a call from Rohit Shetty's office. I wondered why someone from Rohit Shetty's team would contact me. Then he asked me to come to Mumbai. I immediately agreed to this and hung up the phone. To be honest, I thought someone was playing pranks on me. Then I asked my manager to find out whether the call was real or a joke. After 5 minutes my manager informed me that the call was genuine. Then what, the next thing I did was to pack my bag and come straight to Mumbai. My manager also came with me to Mumbai. Finally we met Rohit Shetty. Rohit Shetty told me that he has seen a Kannada song in which I and Puneeth Rajkumar are in it.

Priyamani further said- I had seen the ad of 'Chennai Express' in the newspaper. I knew that Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone were in this film. So I started wondering why Rohit sir would cast me in such a film. However, I felt very happy and grateful. I requested Rohit sir not to make me just a background dancer in the song. I was thinking this in my mind because the two biggest names of the industry were involved in the film. Hearing this, he immediately said that only me and Shahrukh Khan will be in the song. Deepika Padukone will not be in the song. As soon as I heard this, I immediately said yes.

Priyamani praised Shahrukh Khan
Priyamani told that she shot the song '1 2 3 4 Get on the Dance Floor' over a period of five nights. Praising Shahrukh Khan, she said- Shahrukh is very hardworking. They didn't need to do all this to get to where they are today. Actually we used to shoot from 6 pm to 6 am. As soon as the shooting was over, I would go back to my room to rest. But Shahrukh used to stay there and practice more with the assistants. I wholeheartedly salute his dedication and love for cinema.

Priyamani will soon be seen in 'Maidan'
Priyamani will soon be seen in Ajay Devgan starrer film 'Maidan'. In the film, Ajay Devgan will be seen in the role of football coach Syed Abdul Rehman, who is considered to be the founder of Indian football. Syed Abdul Rehman served as the coach and manager of the Indian football team from 1950 to 1963. This film will be released under the banner of Boney Kapoor and Zee Studios.

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