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Anupam Kher spoke on Kangana Ranaut slapping incident: Female constable misused her position, Shekhar Suman demands- woman should be punished

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Anupam Kher had arrived as a guest at IGA (International Glory Award) last night. During the event, while talking to the media on the issue of Kangana, Anupam Kher said- That woman constable should have protested in a democratic way. Misusing one's position and doing such an act is very condemnable. There are other ways to protest.

Nana Patekar was also questioned on Kangana's issue. He was not aware of this matter. After knowing the whole matter, he said – it is very wrong, very wrong, this should not have happened. Amidst all this, Kangana also shared a photo on social media in which she is showing her new ID after becoming an MP.

Kangana Ranaut shared the post.

Kangana Ranaut shared the post.

Shekhar Suman's statement on the slapping incident
Shekhar Suman supported Kangana Ranaut in this matter and said that this is really very unfortunate and wrong. No one should have such an experience in their life. This cannot be accepted, it is illegal. The female constable deserves punishment for what she did. Of course, she had protest in her mind, but the way she expressed it was completely wrong. You can also express your feelings in different ways.

Actor Shekhar Suman.

Actor Shekhar Suman.

Shekhar Suman also said that it is wrong if this happens to anyone. He is an MP from Mandi, whatever happened was very bad. If you want to protest, there is a right way to do it. You should adopt that method. It is wrong to do such a thing publicly.

While his son Adhyayan Suman said- Everyone has said a lot about this. I will just say that even if you have done this due to some personal anger, then taking it publicly is very wrong. What happened should not have happened.

Shivangi Joshi's statement
TV actress Shivangi Joshi, who attended the International Glory Award event, also gave a statement on Kangana's case. She said- I have read about this and have also seen the video. It was very shocking. Whatever happened to Kangana was very wrong. This is a crime, which will not be accepted at all.

Actor Sikandar Kher.

Actor Sikandar Kher.

Sikandar Kher
I don't think anyone should raise their hands like this. No one can raise their hands on anyone. Say whatever you want to say in life. I was not there when all this happened, but I am reading about it. Raising hands is violence, it is not an answer. That's all I can say.

Actor Aman Verma.

Actor Aman Verma.

Aman Verma
What happened should not have happened. But the lady officers of CISF, what is their personal thinking, how are they connected, they have their own mind, so I would not like to say anything about them, but this is unfortunate, such incidents should not happen.

What is the whole matter?
When Kangana Ranaut left for Delhi after becoming an MP, CISF female constable Kulwinder Kaur started abusing her at Chandigarh airport and then slapped the actress. Kulwinder Kaur is 35 years old. She has been working in CISF for the last 15 years. Kulwinder Kaur, the female constable accused of the slapping incident, says that she was angry with Kangana's old statement on the farmer agitators.

Female personnel Kulwinder Kaur has been suspended for slapping Kangana. In this case, on the basis of CISF's complaint, the concerned police station has started further action by registering a case against the accused female jawan under Section 323 and Section 341 of the IPC.

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