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Anu Aggarwal used to get taunts for her dark complexion: People used to make fun of her on the sets of Aashiqui, the actress will soon return to films

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Film 'Aashiqui' fame actress Anu Aggarwal was one of the popular actresses of the 90s. Anu had a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar about his film career and days of struggle. He told that in the industry he was criticized a lot for his dark complexion. Not only this, he had to change PG 10 times in Mumbai within 6 months. Anu was often thrown out of the PG overnight. Anu, who made people crazy with the film Aashiqui, says that she is going to make a comeback in films soon.

The story of the film Aashiqui was written on Anu.

Anu Aggarwal told during the interview that she used to live in Paris. She had come to Mumbai for some work. On meeting Mahesh Bhatt, he told Anu – I have written a script for you. Anu was not ready to make a career in films. But Mahesh Bhatt told him that no one else can do this role except him. Hearing this from Mahesh Bhatt, she agreed to do the film.

Anu said- I never thought that this film would prove to be so successful. I never wanted to become a star or a superstar. But after doing this film, he became interested in acting.

Narrating a painful incident during Aashiqui, Anu told that people on the set used to talk about many things after seeing her. Some people used to criticize her height, some people used to criticize her dark complexion, while some people used to taunt her by saying that she is a supermodel.

Anu Aggarwal was expelled from many PGs

Anu Aggarwal had to endure a lot of humiliation not only in the film industry but also in real life. He told that I had gone to stay in a PG. The PG owner didn't like my face, so she asked me to leave the PG. Many times Anu was asked to leave the PG overnight. Facing this problem, he changed 10 PGs in 6 months.

Anu tells that she always kept her two bags ready. When asked to leave the PG, she would pick up her bag and leave. Recalling those days, the actress said that those days were very difficult for me.

If more people used to come, the landlord would ask them to vacate the house.

Anu said- Where I lived, many people used to come with film offers. Media used to come since morning. Every day the number of people was so high that the landlord would ask me to leave.

Anu Aggarwal is very active on social media.

Anu Aggarwal is very active on social media.

My mother used to cry a lot seeing my condition – Anu Aggarwal

Anu told that my mother used to call me and cry a lot. They could not see my condition. Anu's mother used to ask her why did she choose this life for herself. Why are you leaving such a good and comfortable life and suffering so much? The actress told that she used to have relations from very good families. But he had decided to follow the difficult path to make a career in acting.

Anu got a lot of popularity after the film Aashiqui. Talking about a fan moment, Anu told that there is an incident which she cannot forget. Actually, Anu had gone to Gujarat for an event. Many models were present there with him. All the models were accommodated in tents at the event. Anu's fans had broken the stage and tent to meet her.

Anu Aggarwal was being offered only bold films

Regarding the choice of films, Anu said that she had stopped getting good films. Only bold films started coming in his kitty. Anu openly told that she started getting offers for work like Dumb Girl, Bold and only dance sequences. But she immediately refused to do such work.

The simple features and dark complexion had made people crazy about Anu.

The simple features and dark complexion had made people crazy about Anu.

Anu says that after Aashiqui, many directors were approaching her to work in their films. Those people used to come with money and say – sign the film, the script will be written later. I used to tell them, first you write the script and then on the basis of the script I will decide whether to do the film or not.

Anu said- I had thought that until I get the work of my choice. I will not sign films. He told that many actors used to refuse to do films after taking token money. But Anu never did this. He simply rejected those offers which he did not like.

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