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Anees Mirza became Shahrukh's stunt double in Jawan: Said- Understanding body language is most important; Said- Akshay donates 2-3 crores to the association.

Mumbai27 minutes agoAuthor: Ashish Tiwari and Abhinav Tripathi

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In the new episode of Reel to Real we will talk about the life of a stunt artist. What are the challenges in becoming a stunt artist and how is the money paid? How dangerous is this? Will know the answers to all such questions.

You must have seen the powerful action sequences of Shahrukh Khan's film Jawan. It was actually filmed not on Shahrukh but on stunt artist Anees Mirza. Apart from this, Anees has also worked as a stunt double in Salman Khan's Sultan, Ranbir Kapoor's film Shamshera and Hrithik Roshan-Tiger Shroff's War.

  • How is a stunt double different from a body double?
  • What are the qualities one should have to become a stunt artist?
  • What should be paid attention to while performing stunts?
  • Why is it mandatory to become a member of Stunt Association and what are its criteria?
  • If a stunt man gets injured, what arrangements are made for him?
  • Which actors like to do action scenes by themselves?

In this week's Reel to Real, we have tried to find out the answers to these questions from Anees Mirza. During this, Anees also told many interesting things related to Akshay Kumar, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. Anees said that Akshay Kumar donates two to three crore rupees to the Stunt Association every year. Apart from this, despite being 56 years old, he does the stunts of his films himself.

The role of stunt double is important, not the body double.
The general public only knows the concept of body double. However, stunt double is more important than body double. Body double is the one who films small scenes in the absence of actors. Whereas stunt doubles are complete duplicates of the actors. All the action sequences shown in the film are done by stunt doubles. Be it jumping from the sky, breaking glass to get out or jumping into water, all these tasks are done by the stunt double.

As a stunt double, it is very important to have body control.  In this it can be seen how Anees is fencing.  From the front it looks like an absolutely original fight sequence.

As a stunt double, it is very important to have body control. In this it can be seen how Anees is fencing. From the front it looks like an absolutely original fight sequence.

Only people skilled in horse riding, swimming and action choreography become stunt men.
How do stunt men get work? How to approach them? Anees said, 'For a stunt man to work in the industry, it is most important to be a member of the stunt union. Cannot get work without this card. Being part of the union, we remain under the radar of stunt directors. Stunt directors audition many people like us. Then let's select one of us.

The selection process is not easy. Candidates should fight. Horse riding, swimming and action choreography should also be known. A stunt artist should be strong both in heart and mind.

While jumping, one has to hold one's breath, one gets only two-three seconds to think.
What things does a stunt artist have to pay attention to? In response, Anees said, 'Calculations have to be done while jumping from top to bottom. We have just two to three seconds. While falling down, the positioning of hands and legs should be correct, otherwise major injury can occur. One has to stop breathing while falling down. A long breath should be exhaled immediately after falling on the ground. The body should be left completely light while jumping.

It was difficult for Salman Khan to do stunts
Anees worked as a body double in Salman Khan's films Bharat and Sultan. In a scene of Sultan, Salman Khan comes running on the terrace, jumps and catches the kite. This sequence was done by Anees in the original. He was also a little nervous before this scene. His father was also present there on the set. He also gave one or two tips to Anees.

Anees said, 'I have a good relationship with Salman Bhai. They like my work a lot. I am not that suitable as his body double, yet he asks you to work for him. I had also received a call from the team during Race-3 and Kisikey Bhai Kisikey Jaan, but I was busy at that time, so I refused to do both those projects.

This picture is from the time of shooting of the film Sultan.  Apart from Salman Khan, Anees (in red T-shirt) and his father Rafiq Mirza (in blue clothes) are seen in this frame.

This picture is from the time of shooting of the film Sultan. Apart from Salman Khan, Anees (in red T-shirt) and his father Rafiq Mirza (in blue clothes) are seen in this frame.

Anees Mirza has become Tiger Shroff's stunt double many times. After War, Baaghi-2 and Ganpat, now he has done dangerous stunts for Tiger in Bade Miyan-Chhote Miyan also. Akshay Kumar also celebrated his birthday on the sets of the film. Anees also goes to Akshay Kumar's house to play volleyball on the invitation of Tiger Shroff.

Akshay Kumar celebrating Anees's birthday.

Akshay Kumar celebrating Anees's birthday.

There is a separate fee for filming dangerous action sequences.
How do stunt artists get paid? Anees says, 'We get paid on daily basis. There are shifts of 8 hours. The amount fixed by the association is our fee. If any actor or production house recommends our name, we get extra money for it. Separate money is also paid for filming some dangerous action sequences. We get our money only through the association. The production house sends our fees to the association. The association deducts 25% of the amount and gives it to us. That 25% share goes to retired stunt directors and stunt artists.

Rehearsals are done before shooting action scenes in films. Stunt men first shoot the entire action sequence on mobile phones. Show that video to the stunt director. After the stunt director likes it, the original shooting starts. Stunt men also tell the actors how to work.

Doing stunts today is less dangerous than before.
According to Anees, 'Today, doing stunts has become much easier than before. He said, 'It was more difficult to do stunts in father's time. Those people had to jump from 10-12 storeys. At that time there was not even a wire tied to the body. There were some boxes below, mattresses were kept on them. Had to fall on those mattresses.

The risk factor was high in this. Nowadays, there are wires tied to our body, if the shot is not right then we can repeat it many times. At that time, shots had to be completed in one or two takes, obviously one could not jump from 10-12 storeys again and again.

Anees became Shahrukh's stunt double in Jawan.
Anees said that the stunt double and body double have to copy the body language of the actors. How do the actors move, what are their expressions? How is the body movement? Only when all these things happen will the sequences look original on camera. Anees said, 'In Main Jawan, I became the stunt double of the older version of Shahrukh Khan i.e. Vikram Rathore.

Now how is Vikram Rathore walking, how is he running. I had to copy all these things exactly. For this I had studied Shahrukh sir's body language very closely. If you watch the film, you will say that Shahrukh Khan himself is doing those stunts. Although the truth is that I did all his stunts.

A scene from the film Jawan.  In this, Anees is doing action in the getup of Shahrukh's character Vikram Rathore.

A scene from the film Jawan. In this, Anees is doing action in the getup of Shahrukh's character Vikram Rathore.

Safety arrangements for stunt artists in South are less than here
Even today, there are not enough safety arrangements for stunt artists in the South Industry. Anees said, 'Special care is taken for the safety of stunt artists in the Bollywood industry. On the other hand, even today in the South Industry, raw action scenes are done, in which there is more danger. However, now a lot of changes are slowly taking place there too.

Anees said that if a director from South comes to Mumbai and makes Hindi films, then he will have to hire 50% stunt artists from here. Similarly, if a Bollywood film maker goes to South and makes films, then he will have to hire half of the local stunt artists there.

Doesn't it hurt that you are risking your life and the names are of actors? Anees said, 'No, this is our work only. Because of this we get money. People like Ranbir Kapoor, Tiger Shroff and Akshay Kumar do not want to leave me. I fit in perfectly with them. Yes, if I ever get a chance in future, I will work as an actor also.

Stunt artists should also get awards, earlier they were given on the advice of Akshay Kumar.
Anees Mirza wants that stunt men should also get awards. They risk their lives, but in return they do not get the recognition they deserve. On the advice of Akshay Kumar, the award for Best Stunt Man was given in Zee Cine Awards for two years, but later it was discontinued.

Anees has designed action sequences for Amitabh Bachchan
Stunt directors from abroad are now called in expensive Bollywood films. This practice was first started by Yash Raj Films during the time of Thugs of Hindostan. Anees said that stunt directors were called from America for this film. Anees worked as a stuntman in this film. He also designed the action sequences of Amitabh Bachchan. Action design means that he had shown the entire sequence of Amitabh Bachchan himself first. After this Big B completed it.

Anees Mirza with Big B during the shooting of Thugs of Hindostan.

Anees Mirza with Big B during the shooting of Thugs of Hindostan.

How did Anees, who earned Rs 800 a day by modeling, become such a big stunt artist?
He said, 'I used to dance in my college. Wanted to become an actor. Also gave audition for a year. My father has also been a stunt artist. At one time he used to be the body double of Salman Khan, Sunil Shetty and Govinda. He told me to join the stunt association. If you do not get success in acting field then become a stunt artist. Meanwhile, I started working as a model. For this I used to get Rs 800 per day. One day I was present on the sets of Sooraj Pancholi's film Hero. I had gone there for a small role as a bar tender in the film.

The assistant director asked me to open my shirt in front of the camera. My father's friend Amin Khatib (stunt director) was also present there. He recognized me and immediately called dad. He asked the father why are you making your son do such small tasks. He should become a stunt artist, from now on I will train him. My career as a stunt artist started from here.

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