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An end to mafia terror; Mukhtar is accused of experimenting with poison! | leader

Lucknow; News Agency: Whether the government in UP belongs to SP, or BSP… whether the Chief Minister is Mulayam Singh, or Mayawati… Mukhtar Ansari along with mafia gangs have always dominated UP. Just like Dawood Ibrahim was a gangster in Mumbai, whether it was Atiq Ahmed or Mukhtar Ansari in UP… these mafias were operating under one umbrella from their respective areas. With the death of Atiq Ahmed, his gang's terror in the Varanasi area has ended. Ended or was terminated while Atiq was in prison. Mukhtar also died while in jail. Mukhtar's son Umar has openly alleged that he died not of a heart attack but of a poison experiment. The inquiry into Mukhtar's death has also started from that…

On this occasion, I remember one of the shouts made by Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of the BJP government in UP, in the entire assembly… that is, 'Mafiaon ko main mitti mein mila dunga!' After the death of Vikas Dubey's encounter, Atiq and Mukhtar in the Bikru police murder case, some other mafias in UP jails will end up in prisons, say some insiders.

Don Mukhtar Ansari with a large family background; But could not keep himself away from the charm of Bhaigiri. How many murders? How many kidnappings and how many people were killed. Mukhtar's series of sins continued like Shisupala's.
The contractor Manna Singh was killed. Hundred of sins filled. After Manna's murder, the process of Mukhtar's downfall began. Manna Singh was murdered on August 29, 2009 at Ghazipur Chowk in Mau. Mukhtar was the main accused. Ram Singh Maurya, the main witness in the case, was also killed by Mukhtar. Mukhtar considered himself invincible till 7 years ago. In fact, the picture in this state was the same; But in 2017, the BJP government came to the state and… when Yogi Adityanath became the Chief Minister of UP, Mukhtar realized how powerful the law is.

The criminal gangs of the state were shaken by Vikas Dubey's encounter. The murder of Atiq and his notorious brother further aggravated the police administration. Even against the Mukhtar, the noose of the law was drawn as desired; Otherwise Shiksha and Mukhtar were two banks of one river. During Yogi's tenure, however, Mukhtar was punished for each of his crimes. Earlier, Mukhtar used to kill people from the jail as well.

Even Mulayam Singh, Mayawati or Akhilesh could not stop Mukhtar. In order to save Mukhtar, the SP government had harassed the Deputy Superintendent of Police Shailendra Singh so much that it took time for him to resign from the police department.

After the murder of BJP MLA…

Mukhtar killed BJP MLA Krishnanand Rai. After this there was Mukhtar i.e. government in Purvanchal. He was also successful in creating an image of himself as 'Kaum Ke Rahnuma'. Ansari's admirers also called him the second bin Laden. Mukhtar was MLA 5 times. Three times he fought from prison and won. No government contract in Purvanchal was given to anyone without the Mukhtar's approval.

Slow poisoning on me

It is noteworthy here that Mukhtar Ansari submitted an affidavit in the court, accusing me of slow poisoning from prison food!

Mukhtar's criminal record

He was initially a member of gangster Makhanu Singh's gang. In 1990, Mukhtar formed his own gang. 61 cases were registered against Mukhtar. Mukhtar was the main accused in 15 murder cases. The main competition was with the Brajesh Singh gang. Munna Bajrangi was the punter of UP's notorious gangster Mukhtar. In 2002, Brijesh hit 3 hands of Mukhtar. As a close associate of Brijesh, Mukhtar carried out the murder of 6 people including BJP MLA Krishnanand Rai in 2005. AK-47 was used in it. Krishnanand Rai had defeated Mukhtar Ansari in the 2002 assembly elections. Mukhtar had committed this murder from the jail as he was on the run. Later, Shashikant, the main witness in the Rai murder case, also died suspiciously.

Murder of my father : Umar

My father has been killed by slow poisoning. Mukhtar's son Umar has submitted a statement to the administration demanding an inquiry. MIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi has also demanded an inquiry into Mukhtar's death. Accordingly, a judicial inquiry has been ordered.

High alert in the state, increased security

High alert has been issued in the state due to Friday prayers and the death of Banda Jail Mukhtar. Additional security has been deployed in several districts. Mukhtar's janaza is scheduled from his residence at Mohammadabad Yusufpur in Ghazipur district. A pit is also ready for Mukhtar in the family cemetery in Kalibagh.

Badi family background

Mukhtar Ansari's grandfather Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad Ansari was the President of the Indian National Congress in 1926-1927 and later of the Muslim League (the party that achieved independent Pakistan).
Subanullah is his son. Subanullah was the leader of the Communist Party. The son whom he named after his father is the notorious Mukhtar…
Mukhtar's two brothers are also in politics. Sibaktullah became MLA twice, while the third brother Afzal Ansari was elected as MLA five times and MP twice. Now Afzal has also been sentenced for 4 years.
One of Mukhtar's sons, Abbas, had won the assembly by-election from Mau last year.
At one time he had earned a lot of fame in shooting. Abbas is also currently in jail. Another son Umar is absconding in hate speech case.

Yogi-mukhtar : old khunnashi

Mukhtar used to travel in an open jeep number 786. In 2005, there was a terrible Hindu-Muslim riot in Maut. It was alleged that Mukhtar had instigated it. Yogi Adityanath had left Gorakhpur for Mau to protest the riots. Yogi's convoy was intercepted at Dohrighat in Mau recently.

Later in 2008, threads of terrorism started to be found in Azamgarh district and Yogi Adityanath announced a march against it. While Yogi Adityanath was leaving for DAV College grounds, his convoy was suddenly attacked. It is said that this attack was also done by Mukhtar himself.

During the Yogi government…

In the Yogi Adityanath government, the police tightened every case against Mukhtar.
The Yogi government turned the bulldozer of law on Mukhtar's ill-gotten wealth.
155 cases were registered against members of the Ansari gang.
Mukhtar's property worth Rs 586 crore was seized.
Over 2,100 illegal businesses were shut down.
In the last 18 months, Mukhtar was convicted in 8 cases.
A reward of 75 thousand rupees was announced on Mukhtar's wife Afsha. She is absconding.
One of Mukhtar's sons is in jail, while the other is out on bail.

The jailer put the gun! Made a lake in the prison!

Retired Jail Superintendent S. K. Sinha narrates an anecdote from 2003, when some armed men came to meet Mukhtar in Lucknow jail. I objected. Mukhtar pointed the pistol directly at my head, saying, 'Are main Jelmenbhi katta saath makthi hoon'. A badminton court was made for him in Ghazipur Jail. Mukhtar had also dug a pond in the prison so that he could eat fresh fish of his choice.

1,200 crore in assets; 2,100 crore black businesses!

Mukhtar had purchased many benami properties in the name of Ganesh Mishra. According to various sources, Mukhtar had assets worth Rs 1,200 crore. 608 crore worth of property has been confiscated or destroyed. 2,100 crores while Mukhtar had a black market. That too has been destroyed.

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