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Amul Mohan described 'The Sabarmati Report' as a sensitive subject: Said – Our writing team took very careful steps while writing the film.

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Actor Vikrant Massey, who won the hearts of the audience with director Vidhu Vinod Chopra's film 12th Fail, is in the news these days for the film 'The Sabarmati Report'. The story of the film is based on the 2002 Godhra train burning incident. The film revolves around two journalists investigating the burning of the Sabarmati Express in Godhra. Apart from Vikrant Massey, Raashi Khanna and Riddhi Dogra are in lead roles in this film. Directed by Ranjan Chandel, this film is produced by Ekta Kapoor's Balaji Motion Pictures. Whereas, Amul V Mohan and Anshul V Mohan are the co-producers of the film. Recently Amul V Mohan had a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar.

The film 'The Sabarmati Report' is being discussed a lot these days, you are its producer. How are you feeling?

Feeling very good. When we thought of working on this film. From then on our idea was very clear as to what to do. This is such a sensitive subject that it cannot be taken to any other direction. In such a situation, the responsibility of all of us increases a lot. Whatever happened in reality, we have shown it in the film. Our writing team took very careful steps while writing the film.

Where did this idea come from?

I used to discuss with Aseem Arora sir, the writer of the film 'Ek Villain Returns'. During that time the thought came that a film should be made on this subject. I, Anshul and Aseem sir decided to make a film on this subject. We thought of sending the script to Ekta Kapoor. Let's see what comes to mind. Ekta read the script and agreed to produce the film. This film was going to go on floors in July-August 2020. Lockdown was imposed in March and we were not able to go on the floor. Took the film on floors in March 2021. We were late by one year.

What was the biggest challenge in 'The Sabarmati Report'?

The biggest challenge in this film was how to do research together with the writer. When we did research about this film, we talked to a TV journalist. We have learned very interesting things from it. If we had deviated even a little while telling such a story, the film would have lost its tone. In this, it was important to know the vision of director Ranjan Chandel and Ekta Kapoor. Ekta is very creative. Locking the artists, their working style, everything had to be kept in mind.

This is a very sensitive topic, people of one community may get angry and another community may like it. How did you balance all this?

This question of yours is absolutely valid. This is such a subject that it could go here and there very easily. But we have kept the whole matter very honestly. People of any community may feel good or bad. How to balance this, it was necessary to crack that situation.

This film was earlier scheduled to be released on May 3. There is a rumor that the censor board has objections regarding some scenes, hence the release date of the film is being postponed?

These are all rumours, as of now only the teaser of the film was sent to the censors. When we announced the release date of the film, the election date had not been announced yet. There are 52 weeks in Bollywood, if you have to make 200-250 films then how will you release them. A lot of things remain to be seen, but we will announce the release date of the film soon.

Was Vikrant Massey already in mind or did someone else think of him?

When our script was completed, we were discussing whom to approach. Anshul had suggested the name of Vikrant. Vikrant did not know that we were bringing this subject. The role of Vikrant in the film has been played very well by him.

You have a background as a journalist, was that something bringing you forward for the film?

My dad Vikas Mohan started Super Cinema magazine in 1999. Then I was in 9th and started working with dad. Worked with dad for four years. Went to London in 2003 for studies. Told dad that I will do a course in film making. But dad said there was no need for that. If you come back after studying there, you will have to learn again here.

Then in anger I told my dad that I will go there and study business. I went there and started studying business. After the first year it seemed that the business was becoming very big. At that time some other creative things were coming to mind. After completing the business course, I took my dad for an eight-month course in film making.

If you wanted, you could have worked in Super Cinema in the comfort zone, but you chose a different path for yourself?

Then I don't have my own separate identity. People know me because of my dad. The advantage of this identification would be that you can meet someone for 5 minutes. But how to talk inside the room. How to deal with artists depends on your talent. I was very clear with my ideas.

When you deal with big stars for projects, how do you coordinate?

The most important thing is that you should not have an attitude. It does not happen that what we have said should happen. Listen to the other person completely. For which project you are dealing. The matter should be discussed accordingly.

You are associated with big films. Tell us about Baby John and Sab First Class Hai?

I am associated with Murad Khetani of Cinevan. When it came to the film Baby John, I was very excited. I am a big fan of Atlee. Even before Jawan, I have seen his South films like Raja Rani, Theri and Bigil. When I heard that Atlee was producing Baby John, I was very excited. The shooting of the film is about to be completed. Only 3-4 days of work remained. Be it Baby John, everything is first class or The Sabarmati Report, it has been a great journey.

Cast and crew during the shooting of The Sabarmati Report

Cast and crew during the shooting of The Sabarmati Report

,What do you consider to be the biggest USP of 'The Sabarmati Report'?

The biggest USP of this film is its story. Vikrant Massey, Raashi Khanna and Riddhi Dogra have done a very good job. Everyone has done justice to the story of the film, which will make watching the film a lot of fun.

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