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Amandeep Sidhu wants a king size life like Shahrukh: Badal Pe Paav Hain actress said- 'I want people to recognize me so much that I cannot walk on the road'

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Actress Amandeep Sidhu, who has appeared in many serials, is currently busy with a new show 'Badal Pe Paanv Hain'. In this show, she is playing the role of an ambitious girl, Bani, who wants to leave a small village and make a name for herself in the city. Talking about her new show, Amandeep says that she wants a king-size life like Shahrukh Khan. She also talked about her show and dreams.

Read the questions and answers related to the interesting conversation with Amandeep Sidhu-

Question: 'Badal pe paav hain' (I have feet on the clouds), does that mean you have a desire to do something big?

answer- Definitely my character Bani has a desire to do something big. I was in Mumbai, I was sitting idle after doing the TV show 'Saubhagyawati'. Then I got a call for this. When I first heard the story of Bani, my first reaction was that how can a heroine be shown so greedy. Then they said that this is the main point of this show.

We are going to go very real in this. We are going to show the demands and actual needs of a girl. I don't think that a girl's needs and demands have been vocalized so much in any show before this. Bani's specialty is that she is not shy of anyone. If she wants something, she wants it for a reason. She is not the kind of daughter-in-law who can make do with little. She does not want to compromise with her life.

Question- Tell us something about your character. What are her qualities, what does she want from life?

answer- Bani is a girl who has come to the city from a small village in Punjab. However, she has big dreams. The society around her is not able to accept her dreams. She is a girl who thinks very ahead. If I look at myself today, I am like Bani, but no girl from a small village can be like Bani. She loves her family a lot. She is a bit talkative but her heart is clean. She is ready to do anything to give every happiness to her family.

There is a greed, a hunger in her. I would say that Bani's story has been written for me. I relate to this character so much. Just like Bani, I also want many things in life, I want to achieve many things. That is why I became an actor. I was never afraid. I was sure that I will do something big. I am not acting this character but living it. I have never enjoyed any character I have played as much as I am enjoying Bani.

Question- The producers of the show are Ravi-Sargun, who are also actors themselves. Did you ever get any tips from them on the set?

answer- When we started the show, Sargun and Ravi used to come to the workshop. Our director and creatives used to sit. Literally, just like an army is prepared before a war, we were prepared before this show went on air. We did a workshop for about 15 days. Sargun and Ravi have a lot of input. Ravi told me a lot of things on the set. He also points out mistakes.

Both of them are actors too so they know what an actor thinks. I would say that they have 110 percent input. The shooting is happening in Punjab. I myself am a Punjabi, I was born in Batala but grew up in Delhi. Coming to my own place gives a different feeling. I have done a lot of outdoor shoots for the show.

Question- Have you set any goal for yourself?

answer- I just want to make my life better. Right now I don't have any goal of doing a dream role. I want to make my family feel happy every day, that's my only goal. I have become whatever I wanted to be.

Question: What is the strongest strength or skill you find in yourself to survive in the industry?

answer- My belief from the first day is that if I am honest towards my work and work hard, then nothing can stop me from getting a new show. As soon as I get to know about someone's show closing, I don't say that I need a break. Rather, I immediately call everyone face to face and say that I need work. If you want, you can audition me. So my attitude of not giving up is my strength.

I believe that because of this I am still in the industry today and will continue to work like this in the future. I don't have any godfather here who will get me work.

Question: Have you never got an offer for any film or series in your career so far?

answer- It is every actor's dream to see himself on the big screen. I also have it but I haven't got the right opportunity yet. Although I got one or two offers, I couldn't do those projects for some reason. It is said that you don't get anything before it is written in your destiny. Right now, the character of Bani was written in my destiny, so I got it. Otherwise, before doing this, I had thought that I would only do a film or a series. However, I am grateful that I said yes to this show. I am also happy with my decision.

Question: What will you do if you get a big film offer during 'Badal Pe Paanv Hain'?

answer- Definitely I cannot leave Bani. I have already said that I am honest towards my work. No matter how big a project I get, I will first fulfill this commitment. Otherwise, if I have to do a film, I will choose a love story. The romantic genre is my favorite.

Question- Do you follow someone pan India? Are you a fan of anyone?

answer- I follow Shahrukh Khan a lot. Not only because of his acting but I have also heard many of his interviews in which he says very motivational things. I remember one of his speeches in which he says that if you keep saying to sleep that you are not getting enough sleep, then you will keep sleeping. If you want to become something, if you want to achieve something, then every day you will have to sacrifice your sleep and move towards your dream in reality.

Shahrukh says that I have worked so hard in the last 25-30 years because I do not want to live a normal life. I do not want to live like a common man. I also want that people recognize me so much for my work that I cannot walk like normal people. I also want a king style life like Shahrukh sir. His interviews excite me a lot.

Question: If she ever gets even a small role with Shahrukh, will she leave this show?

answer- If that happens, it will be great but I would like to say here that even if I have to ask for time from the director-producer of this show, I will not miss the opportunity to work with Shahrukh. But I would not like to leave this show and the character of Bani till it is completed. I will manage both the jobs.

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