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'All three Khans have no expertise in dance': Choreographer Ahmed Khan said – Salman, Shahrukh and Aamir's style is different… they know how to entertain the audience.

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Famous choreographer and director Ahmed Khan said that even though Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir Khan do not have expertise in dance, they know how to entertain the audience. Ahmed Khan has taught dance to all three Khans.

According to Ahmed, Salman, Shahrukh and Aamir know how to perform. Salman's aura is such that whatever he does, people enjoy it enthusiastically, whereas Shahrukh is very charming, make him dance however you want. Ahmed said that all three Khans have very good knowledge of lyrics, music and audience's preferences.

Whatever Salman does, it suits only him.
While talking to 02 India, Ahmed Khan said – All three Khans are not 'good dancers'. However he knows how to entertain the audience. Was shooting Jumme Ki Raat with Salman. I gave him a step in which to raise the collar. I could not have got this work done by any other actor.

If any other actor had done this step, people would have asked, what is he doing? On the other hand, Salman's personality is different. That step suited him very well.

The dance steps of the song Jumme from Salman Khan's film Kick became quite famous.

The dance steps of the song Jumme from Salman Khan's film Kick became quite famous.

Whatever Shahrukh does, he looks amazing.
Ahmed further said- As far as Shahrukh is concerned, you can make him do anything. Even if you make him jump a lot. I made him dress like a clown in a song, but he looked best in that too. Whatever he does, it looks great on screen.

Aamir fits easily into every role
Regarding Aamir, Ahmed said – Aamir Khan is such an actor who plays the role of Tapori in the film Rangeela, on the other hand, he suits the role of a billionaire businessman in Ghajini with the same perfection. He fits easily into both the roles.

Ahmed says that all three Khans have one specialty. These three never say what they have to do. Whatever work is given to them, they do it in the best way in their own way.

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