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Alas…how much shame! Shoes of MPs stolen from Pakistan Parliament premises

Leader Online Desk : It is well known that Pakistan is economically poor. The rising inflation in this country has made the living of the common man a struggle. Now, due to rising inflation, it has recently become clear that even the shoes of MPs in this country are not safe. The thieves in the country which has gone into the financial abyss have directly hit the shoes of the MPs. Taking a serious note of this incident, the Speaker of the Parliament of Pakistan has been ordered to investigate 'The Express Tribune'is given by

MPs were forced to go home barefoot

The incident came to light during Friday prayers at a mosque on the premises of Parliament House, where devotees along with Members of Parliament, journalists and parliamentary staff had gathered. It came to light that the thieves stole the shoes of the MPs from the Parliament premises. Members of the National Assembly (MNA), journalists and parliamentary staff noticed their pairs missing. After this incident MPs were forced to go home barefoot. The report said that even the security personnel expressed surprise after the shoe mysteriously disappeared from the Parliament complex of Pakistan.

It has been reported that the thieves have stolen more than 20 pairs of shoes. MPs had to go back home barefoot. The Speaker of the National Assembly expressed serious concern over the security lapses. It has also been ordered to investigate the matter immediately. According to the instructions of the Speaker, the Joint Secretary of the Parliament of Pakistan will now investigate the matter. The thieves are being traced on the basis of CCTV footage in the Parliament building area.

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