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Akshay Kumar's help to Padma Bhushan Gurmeet Bawa's family: Transferred 25 lakhs to daughter Glory; Said- found out from bank manager – Amritsar News

Glory Bawa and Laachi Bawa with Gurmeet Bawa.

Akshay Kumar has extended a helping hand to the family of Padma Bhushan late Gurmeet Bawa, the Punjabi folk singer and owner of the longest hair. Akshay Kumar has secretly transferred Rs 25 lakh to the account of Gurmeet Bawa's daughter Glory. Glory Bawa


After the separation of late Gurmeet Bawa and Laachi Bawa, their daughter Glory was facing difficulties. Along with taking care of her family, Glory was also looking after her sister Laachi Bawa's children. But after the separation from her sister, she was not getting shows and the financial condition of the family deteriorated.

Padma Bhushan recipient late Gurmeet Bawa's daughter Glory Bawa receiving the award.

After which Glory Bawa had announced to leave India and go abroad, but in the meantime, DC Amritsar and Minister Kuldeep Dhaliwal gave a cheque of Rs 1 lakh each to Glory Bawa. After this, now Akshay Kumar has sent Rs 25 lakh to her for help.

I got a call from the bank and found out

Glory Bawa said that she got information about this after she received a call from the bank manager. The bank manager told her that someone named Akshay Kumar Bhatia has transferred Rs 25 lakh to her bank account. She is also surprised that she has never met Akshay Kumar till date nor has she ever spoken to him.

Know who is the owner of long hair late Gurmeet Bawa

Gurmeet Bawa was born in 1944 in village Kothe Gurdaspur. At that time girls were not allowed to study in Punjab, but Gurmeet completed her studies after marriage. Gurmeet was married to Kirpal Bawa. He got Gurmeet enrolled in JBT and she was the first woman in her area to become a teacher.

Gurmeet had a very melodious voice. Her husband supported her and she even reached Mumbai. In the old times, most of the dialects used in the films and songs of Bollywood and Punjabi industry were sung by Gurmeet.

Gurmeet Bawa was known as the queen of long hack. Till date, no one has been able to break her record. She could hack for 45 seconds. It is not possible for anyone among today's youth to stay still for that long. But four years ago, her daughter Laachi Bawa passed away. After which she started falling ill and passed away three years ago.

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