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Ajit Pawar's group does not comply with the order to use the 'Clock' symbol! Petition of Sharad Pawar group in Supreme Court leader

New Delhi, Leading News Service: NCP Sharad Pawar group once again dragged Ajit Pawar group to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court had directed the Ajit Pawar group to release a specific text saying 'This matter is sub judice' when using the 'Clock' symbol of the Nationalist Congress Party. The Sharad Pawar group filed an application in the Supreme Court through their lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi saying that the Ajit Pawar group did not follow this directive.

After this, the court asked Mukul Rohatgi, the lawyer of Ajit Pawar group, how many advertisements you have given so far, what is written with the sign, and instructed that you have to follow the direction given by the court.

Mukul Rohatgi, lawyer of Ajit Pawar group, said in the Supreme Court that we have also filed an application in the Supreme Court. In it, we have requested that the Supreme Court delete the last line of the directive given to the Ajit Pawar group in the previous hearing. Sharad Pawar group's lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi said that now the election process has started. How can you request a change now that the process has started? On this, the Supreme Court asked the Ajit Pawar group that they should inform the Supreme Court about how many advertisements they have given so far and what exactly is the content of those advertisements.

According to the application of Sharad Pawar group and Ajit Pawar group, the Supreme Court can hear the arguments of both sides in detail next Friday or at the earliest, informed Supreme Court lawyer Siddharth Shinde.

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