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Ajit Pawar NCP: Ajit Dad's 'Nationalist' Will Contest Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Election | leader

New Delhi, Leading News Service: The Nationalist Congress Party Ajit Pawar faction is now trying to shift its front outside Maharashtra as well. Ajit Pawar's group announced today that it will contest the assembly elections in Arunachal Pradesh and some states along with the upcoming Lok Sabha in Northeast India. BJP has announced Union Minister Kiren Rijiju's candidature for Lok Sabha in Arunachal Pradesh. Despite this, Ajit Pawar's group is willing to contest the election. On this occasion, Ajit Pawar group will try to get the national status of the party.

Nationalist Congress Party General Secretary and former Union Minister Subodh Mohite held a press conference at the Delhi-based office of the Nationalist Congress Party Ajit Pawar faction. Speaking on this occasion, he said that the Nationalist Congress Party has been working in the country for the last 25 years. Our party does not work on the basis of caste, religion, language but works on development. Assembly elections of Arunachal Pradesh will be held along with the upcoming Lok Sabha. In this, we will contest elections in Arunachal Pradesh with full strength. 30 seats in Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly were discussed in today's meeting. He also said that we will work to elect 18 to 20 MLAs.

He also said that Ajit Pawar group is willing to contest 2 Lok Sabha seats in Arunachal Pradesh. Meanwhile, BJP has already nominated Kiran Rijeju from a constituency of Arunachal Pradesh. So the question is whether the Ajit group will really contest the Lok Sabha elections. Local leaders of Ajit Pawar group are insisting for this seat. However, Subodh Mohite said that the party will take the final decision on this.

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