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Ajit Pawar BJP slave: Sanjay Raut

Leader Online Desk: Modi government showed Ajit Pawar his seat. Pumpkin has been given to them. Praful Patel's wealth was returned, he was told by BJP that he will not get a ministership now. Shiv Sena Uddhav Thackeray group leader MP Sanjay Raut criticized that Ajit Pawar is only slave of BJP.

Today (10th) MP Sanjay Raut interacted with the media. This time, he strongly attacked the Modi government. Modi government's cabinet has been made by pulling and stretching. Sarkar has two Tekus, their history is well known. Narendra Modi wanted to make a record by taking oath for the third time. Now we have to see how long the new cabinet will last, Raut said.

A terrorist attack took place in Jammu and Kashmir while Prime Minister Modi was taking oath. When Amit Shah was the Home Minister, he was saying that there is peace in Jammu and Kashmir, but yesterday we realized how much peace there is. He criticized the government that looting people's money is the only job of the government.

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