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After Mirzapur, there were many changes in life- Lilliput: He said- People have started recognizing me, but there has been no major change in my career

55 minutes agoAuthor: Umesh Kumar Upadhyay

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Lilliput is in the news these days for his web series 'Mirzapur 3'. In this, he has played the character of Devdutt Tyagi aka Dadda. Playing this character has increased his fan following a lot. Lilliput spoke to Dainik Bhaskar.

Where did you shoot the web series 'Mirzapur 3'?

Actually, it has been two years since the shooting of Mirzapur 3, so I don't remember clearly. Yes, I did it in Jogeshwari in Mumbai and Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. I had a shooting schedule in these two places only. This time there are more scenes than last time. This time the role is also quite big. Now it depends on the audience how they take it. Our character has his own actions and reactions. The way he deals with his enemies is his own unique way.

How was the experience of working with Pankaj Tripathi?

Pankaj Tripathi is very cooperative, so I was comfortable working with him. I was doing a scene with him, when I got stuck in the delivery of the character. It took time to remove that thing from my mind. But Pankaj never gave a negative reaction. Actually, I had a very long dialogue, so it was necessary to do that scene.

What would you say if you are not offered a project from a big production house?

I don't know the reason. If the reason is known, then I would be in every production house. What else can happen if I don't appeal to people. Like Pankaj ji attracted everyone, he got work, right? Maybe he is not getting offers because of his height, even though he has done so many different roles, after that he doesn't think what can be done. It is a matter of time and luck. I don't go to meet people that much. I do my work and stay at home. I don't have much approach either, this can also be the reason that I don't go to ask people for work, that's why I don't get work.

How has doing 'Mirzapur' improved your fan following and career?

After doing Mirzapur, I have a huge audience. The number of fans who like me has increased a lot. Now it becomes difficult to walk in public places because people stop me and ask for photos, give me love, praise me. This is my only earning.

There has been no major change in my career because I have not received any response from the industry. Yes, people from small and new production houses from outside who are making projects are taking me in their projects. There is no call from very famous and big production houses. Yes, there has been a change and increase in the number of fans, but there is no response from the industry.

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