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After 'Animal', I started getting good projects- Tripti Dimri: Said- After audition, I got selected in 'Bad News', a comedy genre film after a long time

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Tripti Dimri got recognition from the film 'Animal'. Now she is in the news for her next film 'Bad News'. Vicky Kaushal and Amy Virk will also be seen in lead roles with her in this film. This film is going to be released on 19th July. Karan Johar is the producer of this film. Tripti talked to Dainik Bhaskar about her film.

How did you get the good news of 'bad news'?

Actually, in those days I had just joined Dharma Production's talent agency. One day Karan Sir called me to meet him. He introduced me to Anand Tiwari Sir. When Anand Sir narrated the story of the film, I kept laughing the whole time. However, after that he said that don't think that after listening to the narration, you have been selected for the film. The final decision will be taken after the audition. The very next day he recorded three-four scenes of the film.

Is there that thought in the film that the one who nurtures is greater than the one who gives birth?

Of course. The film wants to say a lot. The three characters have their own personal journeys. In simple words, the thinking of the young generation has been expressed through those characters. The youth going through that phase want everything in life. From love to career growth and keep winning everywhere. A take has been taken on that thinking as well.

All of this happened before 'Animal'?

Yes. After the auditions were found to be good, many workshops were conducted with all the actors. Sometimes with Vicky Kaushal and sometimes with Amy Virk. Every day we were given some tasks. Our wit was tested through them so that our comic sense could be known. Actually, many years ago I used to make comedy videos on YouTube but I left it when I entered films. Through this film, I have got a chance to do comedy again.

How many offers are you getting continuously after 'Animal'?

I haven't counted. But yes, now when I go to the airport etc., people have started recognizing me there. It feels good. Fortunately, I have had some good films. Four of them will be released this year. There has been some growth after 'Animal'. It is good that now people are offering me films of different genres, otherwise the chances were also of stereotypes.

What tips would you like to give to outsiders?

The same formula will not work for everyone. Have faith in yourself. If there is a low phase, then be patient. That phase will pass. Otherwise, there is a lot of work for the right actors today. Especially due to OTT, there is no dearth of work for the right and new actors. Look at examples like 'Laapata Ladies'. Most of the faces there are new but they have done a great job. See the result from the popularity they are getting. The success of people like them clearly shows that talent is valued in the industry.

What is the status of you and Ranbir's 'Animal 2'?

You should ask Sandeep Reddy Vanga sir. After the release of part one, everyone has got busy with their other films. But yes, when he has to make an announcement, he will definitely do it. He is a director who has a lot of clarity. Till now, I have not been told anything about part two.

Which problems of the current generation should be shown in films?

That this generation looks down upon compromises in relationships. This is not right. We should learn from the approach of our family members. It is not that there were no ups and downs in the 36 years of my parents' relationship. But if they too had the attitude of being together only in good times and abandoning in bad times, then the relationship would not have lasted. This is one thing that should be shown in films as well.

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